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Peachy is surprised that the time is passing so quickly, and assures us that we'll look next at the most memorable moments of the season, including the one between Ted and Grindia. We see the same clips we've been shown over and over again, but I can't figure out why they haven't replayed the "punch his ass in the eye" clip.

In the post-commercial clips, we see a slow-motion shot of Brian and Clay riding the elephant. Clay says something in Tarzan-speak, and Brian looks stiff and uncomfortable. The audience cheers, because it's fun to see Brian looking uncomfortable.

Peachy is peculiarly posed as he tells us that the season was full of many memorable moments, but none "spawned" more talk than the "incident" between Ted and Grindia. He explains that the drama unfolded on the fourth, fifth, and sixth days on the island, just when relationships were developing and people were starting to align themselves with each other. Ted and Grindia were just beginning a friendship, and we are shown "a little reminder of what they had goin' on." In clips, Grindia does her sexy diva thang while Ted pretends to take her picture, and rests her hand on Ted's upper thigh while they rest. Meanwhile, she voice-overs about how she was missing her husband, and Ted was "so good to hug." Peachy points out that Grindia was obviously comfortable with the situation at that point. A beautifully made-up, lovely-looking -- even, one might say, diva-esque -- Grindia agrees that she was happy to have a new friend and says, "We was [sic] chillin'." Peachy points out that not only was Grindia okay with the situation, she admitted to encouraging it, because there were friends and in a challenging situation together. She adds, "And we're both married." A very earnest Grindia thought it was important at that point in the game to have a "homey" -- someone who was on her side and wouldn't vote against her. Peachy won't let Grindia off the hook, and insists again that they were clearly "very familiar. He adds, "You had your hand, and you were...okay." Ted looks dismayed as Peachy explains that one night the snuggling crossed into an uncomfortable area for Grindia. This is followed by footage of ranting, rock-throwing Grindia stomping around yelling about Ted's "butt crack showin' every damn day," and Ted's admission that "for some crazy reason," he started "grinding, um, [Grindia]." Blah blah blah, she got the feeling that he was trying to get with her; blah blah he didn't need to get with her; blah blah he wasn't even attracted to her; blah blah blah he was 150 to 200%attractive with the wife that he had. The audience cackles as Peachy calls Ted's percent-spouting one of the show's best lines. Peachy points out that lots of feelings were upset during this exchange, leading to a unique end result. For the first time, people outside the game were directly affected: Grindia's and Ted's spouses. Peachy asks what happened when Ted walked in the door, and Ted takes the question literally, explaining that he didn't wait to get home; he told his wife as soon as he stepped off the plane. He told her everything went fine except for one incident, about which he went into "great detail." They worked through those emotions and moved on. Peachy asks what happened when the episode aired, and Ted responds that he could never have prepared his wife for what she actually saw. The show caused even more embarrassment, but they worked through that as well. Peachy concludes, "And you guys are okay," and Ted grins that they are more than that, they're "wonderful."

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