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Peachy thinks Grindia had two issues to work out with her husband: she not only had to tell him what happened, but she also had to explain that it might appear that she'd encouraged the situation. Grindia licks her shiny lipstick and agrees that it was very difficult. She chokes up as she reveals that the hardest part was knowing she'd hurt her husband, as well as Ted and his family. If she had a magic wand, she'd take away the whole incident. She nearly breaks down as she repeats that hurting her husband was the hardest part of the ordeal. When Peachy asks how their relationship is now, she smiles broadly, looks into the audience, and exclaims, "That's my soulmate! That's my man!" Her dreadlocked husband looks slightly grim, but accepting. Meanwhile, a darling little blond child bounces around on his lap and mouths, "I love you." The husband kisses the kid, and it's very cute. Aw. Peachy suddenly remembers that he also talked to Ted's wife prior to the broadcast (I can't imagine why she didn't show), and tells us, "And they've got the baby and everything is fine." I should hope they've got the baby! Anyway, Peachy wraps it up by saying that the spouses ultimately understood because it's "a weird environment out there and things happen." And in a similar situation, I'm not sure I'd accept that as an adequate explanation.

Another memorable moment, according to Peachy, was the merge that wasn't. He explains that, on Day 17, in past seasons, the tribes had officially merged into one. In this season, he called both tribes together and announced that they would live together from that point on. They presumed a merge, and Shii Devil celebrated because she could now befriend the other tribe. An orange-clothed (not orange-faced) Shii Devil cackles in a disingenuous way. We see Peachy's "I certainly didn't say anything to give you that impression, did I?" segment, followed by Shi Devil's 180 degree, gonged head snap. Shii Devil makes a mock gesture of victory, and then says it was about "point two" seconds before she knew she was done for. Peachy asks if the lack of merge was great news for Ken and Erin, the latter of whom responds, "Absolutely!" She looks uncomfortable when Peachy asks why, but Ken is all to happy to explain that once Shii Devil revealed herself as a traitor, she was a goner. He says that Peachy's announcement helped the Sook Jai members get rid of her, and he thought to himself, "I know you ain't got nothin' to do, but you ain't doin' it here!" I have no idea what that means, and the others probably don't either, but Shii Devil makes a point of laughing the loudest.

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