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Peachy turns to Erin as an example of a castaway who had to overcome a stereotype. He thinks she must have judgments made about her all the time, and says that she was the "Survivor hot chick this season, for sure." We see footage of breasts and butt and Erin inspecting her stomach while cleaning herself. Seriously, this is some strange footage to include while highlighting her sexiness. Unless it's geared to all the cleanliness fetishists out there. Peachy asks whether she knew, going into the game, that she'd have to overcome inaccurate perceptions of herself, and she says she did. She was aware that she would have to work hard to prove herself in order not to be perceived as just "the girl sliding by on her big boobs." Now that's an interesting visual. Erin then reveals that she stopped wearing her bikini top a few days into the show because she was afraid it would work against her. In the end, she thinks she broke the stereotype by making it further in the game than anyone expected her to do, and working hard. In the end, she thinks she'll be remembers as a "well-liked, hardworking player," as opposed to as "just the chick with the big boobs." Peachy says, "Well, maybe both."

It's Jed's turn now, and Peachy thinks it's fair to say that he was one of the strongest -- if not the strongest -- person out there. Despite the fact that he was very competitive and played "full-tilt boogie," he was an "instant outcast." The camera pans over to show Jed, who is far less physically appealing with his hair all combed over to one side. Peachy asks Jed what he learned "from how the tribe treated" him, and Jed's voice Peter Bradys as he explains that "basically, it's like in life": when you join a new group, you need to fly below the radar or you're a target. I don't know what kind of group's he's joining, but I'm glad I'm not a part of them. Jed says he didn't fly as low as he should have, and from this comment, Peachy concludes that Jed "stuck out like a sore thumb." Jed adds that he "let [him]self show" in the competitions and mistakenly aligned himself with other athletic people attempting to do the same thing. Peachy asks Shii Devil to reveal just how badly Sook Jai wanted to get rid of Jed, and she proudly announces that they threw the pyramid challenge. I'm not sure I'd be as proud of that as she is, considering how things turned out for the tribe. Anyway, Jed claims that he figured out what was going on when Ken announced his intention to sit out the challenge, but he still wasn't willing to give up.

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