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While all this has been happening, Jay and Chelsea hit targets for Salani, so they are up 3-2. But Tarzan quickly ties it up again. Then Kat gets one for Salani, so they are one away from victory. Probst has time to tell Alicia she's pathetic even though Chelsea just had a throw that was just as bad. What is his deal? Probst keeps telling Manono that they aren't throwing hard enough when that's not the problem at all. It's that they're throwing to hit the trampoline at the far edge, so it bounces straight up or back at them instead of out towards the targets. I don't know why Probst isn't getting this. And then Troy hits the last target for Salani and they win. Colton interviews that he was annoyed with Christina's nonchalance, and as far as he's concerned, Christina can get voted out, quit, or jump in the fire and be medevaced, but he can't wait until she leaves. He's really proud of himself for coming up with that semi-witticism. Or half-witticism. Because it comes from a half-wit.

Salani heads to the make-shift ice cream parlor to claim their reward. They eat ice cream. I'm not sure why they take so much time showing this reward. We get it. They ate a lot of ice cream. Was this episode sponsored by the National Ice Cream Council or something? The only useful information that we get is that their morale is really high, and they're psyched to drink soda and eat with a spoon.

Back at Manono, some of the tribe members are bemoaning how close they were to winning. Colton and Alicia are sitting in the shelter, bitching about Christina, who is sitting like five feet away from them. When they "realize" that she can hear them, Colton re-delivers his line about how she has three options. Don't you hate when someone gets a line that he thinks is hilarious so he repeats it to every possible audience, hoping for some recognition? Christina interviews that no one likes her and she's the cockroach of the show, but she's not going to quit. Can I ask a question here? Why doesn't anyone like Christina? Not counting Colton and Alicia, who are garbage people. But why doesn't anyone else like her? A lot of the women from her former tribe, who seem semi-reasonable, didn't like her either. I feel like we're missing something. I'm not trying to blame the victim; no one deserves to be treated the way that she's being treated. But there must be SOMETHING about her that rubs everyone the wrong way. Then again, these people apparently like Colton, so maybe they are all living in opposite land.

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