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At some other point, Christina reminds Jonas and Leif that she's one hundred percent with them, and they agree. Jonas interviews that the three of them are going to vote out Alicia, even though Tarzan disagrees. Jonas actually grew some balls when Colton left. Just wish he could have done it before. Also, it makes me really nervous to watch Tarzan stumbling through the forest carrying a giant machete. He looks like he could fall and impale himself at any moment. Christina concludes by telling them that if they ever find her a threat, get rid of her.

Tarzan takes Leif aside and says that she's what he calls sycophantic. No, everyone calls it that, Tarzan. It's not a word that you made up. Leif thinks Alicia is the same way, but Tarzan disagrees. They spend like five minutes going, "No, no, no" to one another. Tarzan begs Leif to vote out Christina. Leif interviews that he's stuck between two worlds. I don't think Leif is super bright. Alicia interviews that she's mad that Colton didn't give her the Idol because she really needs it. Ooh, who will they vote out? I can't wait for all this posturing and wheeling and dealing to pay off at Tribal Council.

Probst welcomes both tribes to Tribal Council. They are surprised to see one another and Troy immediately recognizes that Colton is gone. Probst tells them that Colton was medically evacuated, even though he wanted to stay. Kat has never heard of appendicitis. Leif says that he's had his taken out, and it's a lot of pain. Probst asks Troy how this changes the game, and he says that he's still processing it, and he's sad for Colton because he loved the game. Kim admits to being happy that one more person is gone. Kim has also had her appendix out, so she feels bad for Colton. Kat is terrified! She didn't even know she had an appendix and now everyone has had his or hers out and it was really painful. Seriously, how dumb is she? Who doesn't know what their appendix is or at least know someone who had it out? I remember this girl Patty collapsed in gym class in fifth grade and had her appendix out and there were lots of stories about how it burst in the elevator on the way to surgery and it was all very gory in a mild fifth-grade way.

Alicia delivers the news that Colton thanks Sabrina for the souvenir but he took the Idol with him. Everyone chuckles and Sabrina makes a total Bill Cosby Jell-o pudding pops face. Probst asks Sabrina if she believes the story about the Idol, and Sabrina says that her gut tells her it's true. Chelsea pipes up that she doesn't buy it. Probst asks Jonas if it was a tribal decision to come in and reveal certain information and Jonas says that he can't reveal that information. Jay and Troy think Alicia looks nervous. Then they go back and forth about whether or not she's lying and man, this episode has a ton of filler. Vote or don't vote, but get to it. Also, Kat doesn't know what touché means, because she uses it wrong. Kat admits that she's worried about her appendix. She is a cartoon character.

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