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Probst says he's about to complicate things again, because they can drop their buffs and it's time for the merge. So now there are six men and six women, so all this talk about the numbers turns out to be irrelevant. I'm glad they did this now. It's possible that the Jay/Troy/Kim/Chelsea suballiance will hold. Probst points out that Kim is looking all over the place and she admits that she's trying to figure out if the women and men are still together, or if the more recent tribal boundaries will hold, or what's going to happen. But she's excited. Tarzan has the last word: "The game is afoot." Probst gives them the details: they'll go back to their original beach and live there. So it's One World but it was always One World but then it was Two Worlds for a while? I really feel like the producers are making this up as they go along. Then again, I wasn't really interested in seeing the men pick off the women or vice versa for the rest of the season, so maybe this will stir things up a little. It all depends on who wins immunity next week, and if word gets out that Kim has an Idol.

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