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Pavati says they're a "tribe full of misfits," and I'm not sure why they're downplaying how well they've really done in this game so far, winning two immunity challenges in come-from-behind victories and only losing this last one because it was stacked against them from the start. Probst asks Li'l Russell for his opinion again, and he says he played the game with "dodos" the first time around, and none of them compares to any of his tribemates this time. "Awww," Courtney says, apparently falling for it. Yes, Courtney. You keep believing that a doctor and a Stanford-educated lawyer are dumber than you. Li'l Russell says everyone is playing the game hard, which he claims to like and respect. Until that game-playing earns him second place to someone who played it better than he did, in which case his admiration and respect turn into bitter tears on national TV.

Probst finally acknowledges the Villains' challenge successes, saying he's surprised to find out that they're fractured back at camp when they put on a united front in the challenge. He asks if Tribal Council will help them bond as a tribe. Rob says he doubts it. In challenges, they all know what has to be done and are able to work together to accomplish it, but at camp, there's no other tribe to fight against or a Probst to tell them what to do. With that, they vote. Parvati votes for Randy, saying it's either him or her. We don't see how anyone else votes, causing me to hope against hope that Randy actually voted for Li'l Russell along with everyone except Parvati and it'll be a total blindside. But no, after Parvati's vote for Randy, we get a vote for Rob. Hmm... could it be, a super blindside to get rid of Rob? Oh, no, it isn't. The rest of the votes are for Randy, which means that the vote for Rob was cast by Randy himself (after all that talk about how pretty people get ahead, he couldn't bring himself to vote Parvati out either!) and that Douche, despite everything he said about hope and achieving the impossible and fighting to keep Randy in this game, voted for Randy along with everyone else. Way to stand up for the rights of the downtrodden there, Douche. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be so proud of this particular part of his legacy.

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