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On the beach, Tyson also campaigns to get rid of Parvati, telling Jerri and Rob about her friends on the other tribe, who are clearly in the dominant alliance based on how they got rid of Stephenie. "Randy has no friends anywhere," Tyson points out. That makes Parvati dangerous and Randy useful. He asks Rob for his opinion, and Rob just calls Sandra over to see what she thinks. She thinks that she's going to play the same game she played last time and vote for anyone who isn't her. She says something about how the vote has to be a "group effort" and the person voted out has to get "the majority" of votes, not just "two or three," like, duh, Sandra. I mean, I love you, but we really didn't need the explanation on how voting works. The only opinion she voices is that she's hesitant to keep Randy around because he's the weakest. That's a good point, but on the other hand it's not like losing Randy is going to make much of a difference for the Villains, who are all weaker than the Heroes. Rob agrees that he'd rather vote Randy out than Parvati. Jerri stays silent, but watches as Parvati and her beloved Douche walk on the beach together, very friendly with each other. Jerri does not like this one bit. "Parvati is like a virus," she interviews, adding that she wishes she could get people to do her bidding in her real life like Parvati does in this game.

Douche meets with Sandra in the woods. Rob watches from his hiding place behind, like, a leaf. Douche says that he and Sandra are safe tonight (which he knows how, exactly? Never walk around thinking you're safe in this game), and asks who she's thinking of voting for. Sandra says she's going to vote the same way everyone else is. She doesn't care if it's Randy or Parvati or Probst. As long as it isn't Sandra, she's down with it. She excuses herself from Douche's presence by saying "let me go do this thing." Next time I'm in a conversation with someone unpleasant, that's what I'm going to say.

While Randy sits on the beach by himself, Danielle and Parvati try to convince Jerri to vote him out, saying he's the weakest member of the tribe and "a lot of people" feel the same way. Jerri tries to argue that Randy has certain strengths, but Parvati points out that if Randy leaves tonight, the Heroes will have to sit out one of their guys in the next challenge, thus making them weaker as well. Yeah, except that they'll just sit Rupert out and they're probably better off without him. When Jerri refuses to commit to voting Randy out, Parvati asks who she wants to vote out instead. OOPS! The answer to that is, of course, Parvati. But Jerri can't say that, nor is she able to think of any other names. "I don't have to say," she finally settles on. "Why not?" Parvati asks. "Because I don't know!" Jerri sputters. In an interview, she says that Parvati seems to think she can make people do whatever she wants them to. Yes, why would Parvati think she could make everyone do whatever she wants? Could it be because Jerri herself has to admit that everyone totally does what Parvati tells them to? Everyone except for Jerri, who assures us that she will not fall under Parvati's spell. Heh heh heh, remember when Jerri used to be the woman who had everyone under her spell in her tribe? Now she's, like, the Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hershey. "I just wanna punch her in the face! That's all I can think about, is just taking her down, boy, I'll tell you what!" Jerri says. And the transformation is complete. Parvati, on the other hand, has this to say about Jerri: "Jerri's annoying [adorable giggle!]." She continues that Jerri is a "Fakey McGee" and "a bitter old cougar." Oh, Parvati, I wouldn't say things like that when you yourself are only ten short years away from the same status.

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