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After the commercial, we go back to the Fans and a continuity error: that's Kathy I see walking back to the island with them, and she's supposed to be on Exile Island! Oh wait -- that's not Kathy. That's Erik. He's wearing a yellow shirt just like hers and has the same hair, so, easy mistake. Joel tells us that it's always a bummer to lose a challenge. Duh. He then recaps that the Favorites have won every reward challenge so far. Why do we have to hear what Joel thinks about everything? I don't care what he thinks. Have we heard Erik speak yet? Maybe he has something, like, less obvious to say. Joel says that the other team is living large compared to them, whereas the Fans have got "jack squat." And three hundred pounds of hair. Alexis speaks up only to sing Ozzy's praises and say that Kathy is so lucky to get to spend time with him on Exile Island because she'll get to eat and stuff. Erik finally does get to talk, and I see that he's an "ice cream scooper." Wow. I was sort of expecting the chyron to read "'70s teen idol who grew up to be a heroin addict and also got in a car accident that paralyzed his friend and made for the best Behind The Music EVER." But it's just ice cream scooper. Maybe after his appearance on this show he'll get promoted to the cash register. Dream and you can achieve, Erik. Anyway, his contribution is a guess that Kathy isn't looking for the immunity idol right now.

Over at Exile Island, Ozzy shows Kathy how to chop a coconut. She's impressed to see such power from a "scrawny little kid." I can't imagine why the rest of her tribe doesn't seem to like her, if she's giving out back-handed compliments like that. "I wish I was on [Ozzy's] tribe," Kathy tells us. Well, you're not, and you never will be, because I doubt you'll be coming back as a Favorite or even a "Favorite" any time soon -- not unless you start, like, trying to survive. Instead of being impressed by someone else's coconut chopping skills, why not perfect your own? Kathy tells Ozzy that it's great to go to Exile Island because she can learn from the person who gets stuck with her. One thing she will not learn is to freaking try to look for the one thing that will keep her in the game longer: she then tells us that she doesn't care about finding the immunity idol. "I did that -- done that -- been there and I don't feel like doing it no more," Kathy says eloquently. Well, I very much doubt that she sells many sodas or beers on the golf course with that attitude.

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