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So, while Kathy "tries" to start a fire (I'm betting she failed), Ozzy heads for the water to get some food...and immediately goes running off to look for the idol. He tells the camera that he's already found two clues and is hoping to find more before the sun goes down. Hint, hint, cameraman -- leave him alone! He's busy. He finds four clues, the last one pointing him toward the dock and telling him to look above it. There, Ozzy finds the idol! He's thrilled, but now he has to get it back to camp without Kathy noticing. He accomplishes this by sticking the idol under his hat and strolling nonchalantly back to the beach, where Kathy doesn't notice that Ozzy is wearing his hat, like, perched precariously on his head. I mean, you can practically see the idol's little feet sticking out from under it. Kathy probably just thinks this is another one of Ozzy's cool survival tricks. When she isn't looking, Ozzy transfers the idol from his hat to his bag. Too easy. He still has some time, so he decides to carve a fake immunity idol and put it back in the spot. While Kathy thinks he's off looking for some more food, Ozzy manages to chop off a piece of wood and strip all the bark. At one point, Kathy comes over to see if he's caught her dinner, and he has to stick the knife and fake idol behind his back. It's like a bad sitcom, but Kathy is totally oblivious. In the end, Ozzy has to admit that his immunity idol isn't very convincing (and he's right), but he sticks it back in the hiding spot anyway. "It's worth a shot," he shrugs. Perhaps, although I think the only people dumb enough to fall for that wouldn't be smart enough to find the hiding spot in the first place.

Back at the Favorites island, Cirie tells the chickens that they'll be in her belly soon. Eliza also talks to the chickens, wondering which bird-like creature will be eliminated first between them. She takes Parvati aside and asks her whether she's voting for Eliza tonight if they lose the immunity challenge. Parvati says that she doesn't know whom she's voting for yet, which means she's totally voting for Eliza. Eliza promises to be loyal to Parvati until the end, whereas Jonathan can't make that promise. Parvati says that Jonathan would make such a promise, but she doubts that he'd keep it. Which, by the way, is just as true of Eliza. And of everyone else who's ever played this game, except for Rudy. Eliza tells the camera that she's hoping to avoid getting voted out by virtue of everyone's realizing that Jonathan is more dangerous than she is. Funny thing to rest your hopes on -- another player being better at this game than you are. If you want to employ the fly-under-the-radar strategy, Eliza, you're supposed to shut up once in a while. Parvati says that Eliza has a very valid point, so Eliza goes on to say that Jonathan is a "charmer" and an "actor," whereas Eliza pisses people off all the time. Meanwhile, a certain allegedly charming actor comes sneaking up behind the women and hears Eliza saying that they shouldn't keep him around. He seems less than threatened by this. "I feel sorry for her," he tells us of Eliza. Feel sorry for her all you want, but don't underestimate her. Eliza keeps trying to work her magic on Parvati, but there's no magic to work, as Parvati goes along with her to her face and then tells us that Eliza's saying anything she can to save her ass, and that if they go to tribal council tonight, Eliza will probably be the one going home.

Immunity Challenge! Kathy and Ozzy are returned to their respective tribes, where Probst asks Ozzy whether he had any luck finding the immunity idol. Ozzy lies (unconvincingly, but maybe that's because I know he's lying) that the idol search was a lot harder than he thought it would be. For the immunity challenge, six players will be strapped into this metal contraption of sliding bars that stick out like wheel spokes. They have to unlock themselves from the base using a set of keys, and then, still in the wheel-spoke thing, maneuver around the woods and grab colored necklaces. Once they get all the necklaces, they have to give them to their remaining teammates, who will line them up on a wheel with letters so that the beads with their team color on them are in front of a letter, and all those letters spell out a phrase. It's a lot less complicated than it sounds. The Fans try to stick a wig on Chet and say he's Tracy to sit him out, but Probst won't fall for that, so the real Tracy sits out for the Fans.

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