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And Mikey Is Cooked

The challenge begins, and Jason immediately falls on his face. He probably couldn't see anything with all that hair in his eyes. Probst reminds the contestants that "teamwork" will win this challenge as the Favorites set about unlocking themselves. Erik, meanwhile, doesn't seem to understand how to use a key to unlock a lock. I guess they don't have locks at the ice cream parlor. I mean, even Unfrozen Caveman Firefighter figured it out on his first try. Poor showing, Erik. The Favorites unlock themselves first and work together to get through the course and get their necklaces, making it look incredibly easy. By the time the Fans are unlocked, the Favorites have almost all of their necklaces. The Fans have no clue even how to enter the course. At one point, they accidentally bump into Eliza with their spoke poles and then tell her "watch it" when she protests. Oh, they are such clowns. All of them! Except for Tracy, since she's sitting this challenge out. The Favorites make it to the wheel so that Eliza and Cirie can solve the puzzle. They quickly figure out that the first word is "tribe," making it easy to get the second and third words: "stays intact." And it will, as Probst pronounces them the winners, and Cirie is so happy that she jumps on James. Watch out, Parvati! Meanwhile, the Cousin Itts shake their heads sadly.

The Sprint Player of the week commercial has got to be kidding me, putting Jason alongside James and Ozzy as the player of the week. Even Yau-Man did better this week than Jason.

Upon their return to camp, the Fans look suitably defeated. Mikey tells us that they were soundly beaten yet again. "Yeah...yeah, we got some talent," he sighs. Now it's time to scheme his way out of danger of being voted off. His strategy tonight is to pretend to be on Unfrozen Caveman Firefighter's team, and then backstab him later on in the game. Meanwhile, what's with the Body Glove logos decorating both of Unfrozen Caveman Firefighter's shoulders? Anyway, "Fan" Mikey has clearly never seen this show before, because he wants to vote Chet out tonight and then boot Joel right before the merge. And just how is he going to know when they merge? Isn't it always a surprise these days? And has been since, like, the third season? Anyway, Mikey tells Unfrozen Caveman Firefighter that he thinks Chet should go next. Joel wants Kathy out first (at least, that's what he tells Mikey), but Mikey says that Joel's vote for Chet will help him to earn back Mikey's trust. Which is super-important in this game, I'm sure.

Back at the camp, Tracy and Kathy talk about Chet. They love him, but he needs to suck it up, apparently. Chet enters the shelter and says that his mind is in the game, but that his body has given up. Aww...suck it up anyway, Chet. Tracy then tells us that she knows both Kathy and Chet are on the chopping block, and since they're both in an alliance with her, that means she'll be at risk soon, too. So she has to make sure neither of them goes tonight. "I'm gonna go down with a fight," she tells us. "Why not?" Well, it's about time someone fought for something.

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