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Tracy and Chet take Joel aside. Tracy asks him whom he's voting for, and he says it'll be either Chet or Kathy. Tracy suggests Mikey. "It can't happen right now," says Joel. He thinks they need Mikey's strength. "Chet is weak, run-down," says Joel. It appears as though Chet is sitting right there when Joel says this, but I think that's just editing trickery. Tracy appeals to Joel's alpha maleness, telling him that Mikey seems to be the one calling the shots here -- and Joel is letting him. "JOEL SMASH!" says Joel, as he turns green and becomes enraged and splits all the seams of his clothes. Tracy keeps pushing, saying that she's angry with Joel for blindly following Mikey when he has a chance to take control. Chet and Tracy both remind Joel that he was the one who got Mary voted out, so Mikey will be voting Joel out the first chance he gets. Joel should do everything he can to make sure Mikey doesn't get that opportunity. Joel starts feeling uneasy, and asks Tracy whether she heard something. Tracy won't say anything for sure -- just that she's "intuitive." Then she stuns Joel with her math skills and says that she, Kathy, and Chet will vote with Joel. There are nine people in the tribe. So all they need is one more person to vote with them and Mikey is gone. If they can't do that, Tracy and her alliance won't be able to protect Joel and he'll be gone as soon as Mikey can make it happen. Wow, where did Tracy come from? She's kind of amazing. She and Chet walk away, pessimist Chet still thinking he's going home tonight. It looks to me like the times, they are a-changing.

The Fans arrive at Tribal Council, where Probst lies that he's sorry to see them there. Jason says that they've been getting beaten by the Favorites a lot, but that he's hoping the tonight's outcome will leave them with a stronger tribe. Joel agrees that it's important to have strong team members in challenges. Ah, but Joel -- it's important to have hunters AND gatherers. Isn't that what your people say? It's not just about strength. Except on this show, where it pretty much always is. Probst asks whether anyone will own up to sucking. Of course, Chet raises his hand. While Mikey and Jason shake their heads, Chet says that he was overwhelmed in the first water challenge, but that he also thinks there will be challenges that the team will need his skills for. Like what, exactly? A beauty pageant for his pageant training hobby skills? A Bugs Bunny lookalike contest? Please. Mikey has no problem speaking up and admitting that he also feels Chet has been weak. He doesn't think Chet has the capacity to compete anymore. Because Tracy is awesome, she raises her hand and points out that there have been challenges where she, Kathy, and Chet sat out -- and the team still lost those challenges. So how can they blame the "weak" teammates for those losses? Yo, Tracy is GREAT. I think I'm going to have to watch the rest of the season just to see how far she goes.

Mikey says that he's going to vote out the weaker people and he hopes everyone votes the way they told him they would. Leif Garrett speaks up to say that strength is important...but that it's not the only thing that's important. Jason looks worried. Joel agrees that there are different kinds of strength. For instance, there's being the "biggest, strongest guy" on the team, which Joel assures us he is, but that doesn't mean Joel will be the "number one person" in every challenge. Or in any challenge, from what I've seen this week. "You can run into a wall a hundred times, but that's not the best way to get rid of a wall," surmises Erik. Jason makes a "huh?" face. I just wish both of them would figure out the best way to get a decent haircut.

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