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With that, Probst announces it's time to vote. He calls on Jason first, and starts to stand. BUT WAIT! Jason's not done. He puts up a "stop" hand and reminds the group that tonight's vote is important for their future. In other words: "Vote out Chet so we can win challenges." Meanwhile, Probst cannot BELIEVE this punk has the balls to step on Probst's lines like that. I'm surprised Probst didn't go to the voting booth and write down Jason's name for this. And Probst's vote counts for one million regular contestant votes, so Jason would get voted out. How DARE he interrupt Probst like that! THE NERVE! When Jason's finished with his stupid speech, the voting begins. Jason votes for Chet, saying, "Please leave the island." Chet votes for Mikey, saying that he's "been a loudmouth from day one and [he] never seem[s] to learn." And that doesn't sparkle with Chet at all.

Probst gets the urn and asks whether anyone wants to play the immunity idol. No one does, of course, so the votes are read. Chet gets the first two votes, and then it's Mikey with two. One more for Chet, then one more for Mikey. And then...four votes for Mikey, who looks at Unfrozen Caveman Firefighter and shakes his head. He didn't even know Joel knew how to write, let alone spell his name. D'oh! And with five votes, Mikey is toast. Jason shakes his head. Tracy earned the satisfied look on her face. Joel sits there and thinks that he made all of this happen.

And for his gracious exit speech, Mikey says he thinks Joel was the one who got him booted, and that the team will sorely miss his precious contributions. Ha!

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