That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!

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That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!

Jeff Probst, for the second week in a row, makes a really inappropriate attempt to influence the game and boost certain players over others when he interprets Courtney's amused grin at J-R's "I'm a bad boy speech" by announcing that her look is "very smug." Her look isn't "smug," Jeff; she can't believe a grown man is referring to himself as a "bad boy." Why is he endeavoring so hard this year to make all the women look bad? Is he finally going to crack this season and just start telling them all that they should quit the game and let the money go to a big, deserving man like Jean-Robert? Courtney explains that she's just laughing at the "bad boy" thing, mocking him for thinking he's a "bad boy" because he plays poker, and closing with this gem: "Who do you think you are, Luke Perry?" HA HA! Well played, Courtney. Well played. Courtney tells Jeff that she and J-R don't get along, she's tired of his self-righteous judging of everyone, and he's "a crappy person." These people really could use a seminar in team-building. Courtney also makes a reference to being in a sort of "observer" position, since she sees herself as something of an outsider in the tribe. Todd bristles, and when called upon, he expresses his pain and hurt that Courtney feels like an outsider when he loves her so much. Too much, Todd: dial it way back.

Voting. J-R and Sherea vote for each other. Jeff takes the votes off to read. There are two for Jean-Robert, but there are four for Sherea (or various spellings of her name), so she goes over and is snuffed. That's been coming for a while, frankly. When she's gone, Jeff says absolutely nothing inspirational to the tribe. Apparently, he spent the week on the bruising speech he was going to give Zhan Hu if they had the nerve to boot a big strong guy for the second straight week just by being great big quitters.

In her parting words, Sherea says that she's fine with everything (which: oh, she's so not), but she hopes that the people who screwed her get screwed back. She adds that she knows the reason they got rid of her was that she was such a threat. Oh, Sherea. Way to pack in those clichés on your way out the door.

Next week: they'd like you to think maybe Erik and Jaime find the idol, but if the idols are really identical, that thing Erik is holding ain't it. The thing James pulls down? That's it. So Todd's "genius" plan is going to result in the obvious immunity monster holding not one but two immunity idols in his hands. Good one, "genius." And Jeff tells everyone to drop their buffs, but there is almost certainly not a merge.

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