That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!

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That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!

Zhan Hu. Day 17. Misery. It turns out that all of a sudden, these people can't stand the feeling of constantly losing, even though...they lost voluntarily, like, literally yesterday. Peih-Gee announces that she feels gross and discouraged for the first time since she's been in the game. Jaime, for her part, says she's "sick of this place." Peih-Gee and Jaime reveal some of the cause for their bummed-ness when they bring up the fact that Frosti wouldn't look them in the eye at the immunity challenge, and Peih-Gee adds that Sherea didn't give her much of a reaction when she mentioned keeping up their old Zhan Hu alliance. Jaime interviews that she and Peih-Gee (and sort of Erik, though...he didn't know about it) are so eager to keep Frosti and Sherea around that they threw a challenge for them. Of course, they ultimately threw it for themselves, so the idea that they did anything for Frosti and Sherea is kind of bullshit. But in any event, there's no guarantee that they're going to be able to reconnect with their old tribal alliance. Of course, as one of the EEFPs pointed out this week, that only affects the advisability of their strategic challenge-throw if they're worse off because of it, which they're not. I don't believe Aaron was ever going to do anything except wait for a merge and go right back to his old bonds, and I don't think James will align with anyone except maybe Denise. That means that once this tribal split happened, if Sherea and Frosti were going to go over to become Fei Long partisans, the Erik/Peih-Gee/Jaime pod was fucked anyway. Winning that challenge and securing the ouster of (probably) Sherea wouldn't have helped them either. "We have to win immunity," Jaime eventually says to Erik and Peih-Gee, apparently giving up on last week's strategy after being stiff-armed by Frosti and Sherea at the challenge.

Tea house. In robes, folks are showering and brushing teeth. Todd explains to us that he sometimes feels like he's the only guy with any strategy. Well, yes. He would. He's certainly the only guy who likes to talk this much about how brilliant his strategy is. Todd approaches James and stage-whispers that they'll talk about the sealed clue tomorrow. James doesn't get this at all, but Todd promises that there's a plan, and it's going to save James, and he'll tell James about it later. (Kinda like...Nixon, really.) James goes off and opens the sealed tube, learning that it contains a clue to the hidden immunity idol, but also that he has to give the sealed clue to someone on the opposing -- well, "opposing" -- tribe. James tells us that he's rolling the dice with Todd, hoping for the best, and he figures he's kind of screwed anyway, so there's no reason not to.

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