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That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!

Furthermore, it doesn't seem to occur to Todd that once James has the idol in hand, he's not going to have much of an incentive to follow the plan and throw the challenge. Why wouldn't he just try to win the challenge, meaning that Fei Long can vote off Sherea -- who's not on James's side anyway -- and James can keep the idol for another round? Todd's insistence that it will be a coup to oust Jaime, who isn't tricky enough to throw a challenge without giggling, or that it's critical to break up her bond with Erik, which so far has been a bond forged in the fires of relentlessly losing, just doesn't make any sense to me. And if what Erik wants to do is get rid of an old Zhan Hu, what exactly is the purpose of doing it this way, rather than…throwing the challenge? Isn't the entire point of what Todd is doing simply to aim at the other "team" in the grander sense? Isn't it an overly complicated version of what Jaime and Peih-Gee did last week: manufacturing a loss when you can control the outcome, in order to oust a particular person? Why isn't the easier way to do that simply to have Fei Long lose and oust Sherea or Frosti? I mean, sure, this way, Todd doesn't have to go to tribal council and take even the tiniest risk of being voted off, but you know what else would protect him from being voted off? Keeping the idol. I just think this move is's more flashy than it's actually smart.

To sum up: I guess my question is, how is Todd better off with (1) his idol gone and (2) Jaime evicted this week and (3) super-strong James buoyed by an individual immunity idol than he would be with (1) his idol in his pocket and (2) Sherea evicted this week and (3) James eligible to be freely bounced at the right moment before he starts crashing through individual immunities?

But the plan sure makes sense to Todd, who is so convinced he's a genius that he easily convinces James to go along. Todd also tells James to grab the second idol from the equivalent spot at Zhan Hu if it turns out to be there. Because...what you really want is for the strongest physical player in the game to have custody of two immunity idols. Is he high? When exactly does Todd see James being eliminated from the game? James tells us, quite logically, that this is going to work out pretty great for him, honestly. Indeed. Both idols? Good times!

And now, because Todd has a pathological need to dictate his tell-all book as he goes, he takes Denise aside and tells her about the plan for James to throw the challenge and get rid of Jaime using the idol. "James knows to throw the challenge," Todd tells her. Denise tells us that this works fine for her, because she never gives less than "110 percent" in a challenge anyway. Todd next takes Courtney aside and tells her what's going on, interviewing that the purpose of these conversations was to explain how important it was to try really hard for immunity. Todd also says that Courtney and Denise have to try extra-hard to win, especially if Zhan Hu is trying to lose...and that's the opposite of true, of course, which is how you can tell he's a bit lost in his overstrategizing. It's less important, not more important, for Courtney and Denise to try hard if Zhan Hu is trying to lose.

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