That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!

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That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!

Jean-Robert bathes nearby. He interviews that he prefers to go with his gut instinct, and up until now, he's felt pretty okay about his position. He says that now, however, he's beginning to get a vague, gut feeling that something isn't right. Maybe it's the fact that he's being excluded from all the meetings taking place between losing immunity and going to tribal council. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. J-R says that the plan had been to get rid of Sherea, but he's "uneasy right now."

Todd and Amanda have a little talk in which he tells her that he thinks that maybe they should vote out J-R, since it's "what people want" and he and Amanda don't want to come off like "power players." It's a little late to avoid that, kiddo, now that you came up with this "brilliant" immunity-idol-manipulating plan. He also says that J-R will eventually turn on them, to which Amanda replies that Sherea will turn on them, too. With little discussion of anything other than their respective guts, they determine that they simply disagree: her gut says to oust Sherea; his gut says to oust Jean-Robert. Amanda says that it's a question of whom they can "trust more." Which...why is that what it's about? If indeed they think they have an alliance of six (Denise, Courtney, Frosti, James), then it's not about trusting either Jean-Robert or Sherea. You don't have to be in an alliance with everyone; it's not the high-school yearbook.

Tribal council. Jeff opens by saying it's harder to get along when you lose, which...good one? He asks Sherea how she was feeling after they lost the challenge, and she says it was all "shadiness," with people taking each other off to go talk in little groups. Jeff asks if the game changes over the course of a season, and J-R says that he's "a changed person," because sometimes he gets water or cooks! Isn't that wonderful? Courtney's eyes roll so far back in her head they may tumble into the fire pit. Sherea quite correctly is like, "What? Did anybody ask you about whether you do chores?" Because she's totally right that Jeff asked if the game changed, and J-R mangled the question to make it an opportunity to remind everyone that he's not as irredeemably lazy as he used to be. But unfortunately, she can't keep her powder dry, so she goes on an unfortunate rant about him instead of just making her point, being right, and shutting up. She ends her speech with, "Little do you know, they don't like you." Jeff asks if Jean-Robert would be surprised to find out that his tribemates don't like him. J-R actually says that this is all part of the life of a "bad boy," and he refers to himself as a "bad boy." That is so grotesque. The fact that poker commentators call you that doesn't make it acceptable to call yourself that. It's really just...sad.

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