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Peachy calls out Butch for past comments about how collecting wood was "[his] big deal." Peachy questions whether Butch felt any responsibility for the fact that his "ferocious wood-collecting" might have sparked the fire. Butch admits that he felt responsible at first, but that he's since realized that there were many other variables that caused the fire, and so it wasn't his fault.

It's now pouring down rain as Peachy points out that Jenna has had a difficult few days -- sickness, a fire, and now the rain. Jenna doesn't know what's going on and then talks about her "tonsillitis in the jungle." She reminds me of Tonya from The Real World Chicago; I'm just waiting for the word "kidney" to drop.

Peachy changes the subject, asking Jenna on what she would base the decision to take someone into the Final Two with her. She claims that everyone who knows her knows that she would base the decision on loyalty. She'd rather go up against a person she cares about and whom she respects as a great player, claiming that it wouldn't be a competition against someone she knew she could beat. Rob sucks on a lemon.

Peachy asks whether HeiDDi deserves to be in the final two, and she emphatically responds that she does. I don't know why some of the S5 are soaked by the rain, while others appear to be almost completely dry. In any case, HeiDDi gestures toward the others and says that they know how she's played the game -- "so hard." She adds, "I'm like the mastermind behind half of the plans that go on day to day!" The men look amused as HeiDDi continues explaining that they're just scared she could beat them. On the jury, Davey Rocket makes a confused gesture and lowers his head into his hands. HeiDDi finishes up by claiming that the fact that the men are so worried about her as a competitor really proves that she's no slacker. HeiDDi and Jenna both seem to believe the act of telling people you work hard is the aforementioned hard work.

Matthew says he will base his vote on allegiance to the alliance, which has gotten him this far. Peachy asks whether Matthew will have to turn on them at some point, and Matthew reveals that their agreement is "every man for himself" in the Final Three.

Peachy announces, "Okay, it is wet. But we have to vote anyway." Matthew's not giving up the idol this week, and so heads off to vote. I think he's a little sore from the challenges as he kind of hobbles over. We don't see his vote.

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