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HeiDDi stomps toward the voting podium, aggressively swinging her arms back and forth. We don't see her vote, either, nor Jenna's or Butch's.

Rob is also strutting proud. Have I just not noticed that they all walk like freaks, or is this a new thing? We don't see his vote as he holds it up and proclaims, "Two girls. One brain. Divide by two. Only one half-wit left." I know as a woman I'm probably supposed to be offended by comments like that, but I'm too busy agreeing.

The rain is coming down hardest on Peachy, as he prepares to read the votes. The first is for Rob, whose scowling head does a near-360. Menawhile, on the jury, Deena is practically sitting on Alex's lap. Jenna shakes her head as the second vote is revealed to be for HeiDDi. Rob and HeiDDi each receive a second vote before HeiDDi becomes the next member of the jury. Alex looks back and up at Christy who sits behind him, nods, and makes an "I told you so!" gesture. I thought they weren't allowed to discuss the game, though? As Peachy prepares to extinguish HeiDDi's torch, he says, "HeiDDi?" and she snips, "Yeah?" not realizing that it wasn't really a question, but rather the prelude to his telling her the tribe had spoken. Jenna cries into her hands. Rob rubs her knee while Matthew watches her with total indifference. With rain pouring down around him, Peachy announces that they've officially survived thirty-six days and made it to the Final Four. He heralds that in the next three days, they'll have three Tribal Councils, two immunity challenges, and one final Survivor. He hopes there will be a break in the rain, and promises them a "long, wet ride back to camp."

Next time on Survivor, the two-hour season finale will be followed by the live reunion show. That means it's "gather the family" time again, which is convenient, because once you've gathered the family for Survivor, then you'll have them all in one place to deal with Mother's Day.

As the credits roll, we see that the male tribe members voted for HeiDDi, while the female tribe members voted for Rob. HeiDDi has had an awesome time and is Jenna's "#1 fan." She announces that she'll stop at nothing to win, but considering that the game is over, it's a strange thing to say. She also brags about having a lot of pride, soul, and heart, but I think she's confusing the word "heart" with the word "chest."

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