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It's now Day 35 at Jackée, and HeiDDi and Jenna sleep and spoon. Matthew announces that "just so everyone knows, there's a rumbling in the distance." They can't hear it themselves? Rob responds that the thunder is why he's "jumpin' out of bed now." Matthew explains that he's working on vines for the replacement fire shelter, before telling us in an interview that the importance of the shelter supersedes sleep. He continues, "And what we'll do differently this time is: we won't be stacking any wood. Around the fire. Any longer." We get a pointed shot of Butch, doing what else but dragging wood.

Random gong sounds accompany the working men as HeiDDi voice-overs that she wants Butch voted off before herself and Jenna because they worked harder than Butch and earned it. She adds, "We've not been careless! We didn't burn down the camp!" Still, she thinks there's no way to prevail over the men, whom she says are in a "hard-core alliance." HeiDDi further interviews that she's spent the morning watching the three boys trying to rebuild the fire shelter, and she told Jenna that she felt bad for not helping, but then thought, "Nah. I really don't." We see shot after shot of the men at work while Jenna and HeiDDi sit around bleary-eyed or stand around laughing at them. In a reclining interview, Jenna explains that she won't do any work to make life easier for the men, because she's just going to be voted off. She's grateful that they built the shelter because it's a necessity, but she still won't help out with it. HeiDDi's tongue lolls out as Matthew voice-overs that if he were one of the women, he'd work extra-hard to convince the other members of the tribe that he shouldn't be first to go. He adds, "They're just digging a deeper grave for themselves as far as I'm concerned. Mmmmm. Graves." Okay, without the last part.

Peachy welcomes the S5 into the immunity challenge, and then asks HeiDDi what happened to the charred-looking immunity necklace. HeiDDi giggles as she responds, "The right side got...a little scorched." The camera pans in to reveal that underneath the lettuce and carrots, the necklace has been strung together with lots of little skulls. On a more pleasant topic, Peachy is wearing a darker shade of blue today, which looks quite fetching with his haircut and new tan. Butch explains that they've rebuilt their fire hut and shelter, and Rob adds that although they lost a lot, it's "gut check" time.

Peachy narrates that, in today's challenge, the S5 will navigate through a ropes course containing five individual rope obstacles. In no particular order, they will make their way along a disk walk, maneuver a rope tunnel, use a rope swing, cross swing steps, and pass across a "V bridge," retrieving a colored feather after successfully completing each phase. All five individual obstacles pan outward from a net-surrounded center post, and the first person to complete the obstacles and get all five feathers to the center post wins immunity and a 1 in 4 shot of winning a million dollars.

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