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Suddenly Susie

Probst kicks off the "previously on" segment with his usual Fang hate. He uses the word "dissed" when referring to how Susie said she had more upper body strength than Corinne. Heh heh, "dissed." Probst is so Nineties. He then says that Susie "narrowly avoided" being voted out, when that's not what happened at all -- her tribe mates made the vote close on purpose just in case Dan had the immunity idol. If there was no chance Dan had the idol, the vote would have been unanimous against him. Finally, Probst calls Ace a "physical force" even though he didn't help Fang win any challenges and was always getting hit in the face and whining about it.

We go to Kota first, and Marcus asks Randy how this Tribal Council compared to all the others he's been to. "The other ones were easy," Randy says. At this, Susie laughs, earning her a lecture from Randy, who says he wasn't making a joke there. I think she's laughing because Randy's acting like that last Tribal Council was hard when she's the one who got three votes and he didn't get any. Anyway, now Randy's all offended that Susie would dare laugh at something he said, since he sincerely meant that seeing Dan be voted out was tough. Not so tough that he didn't try to save the guy, though. Like Susie, my sympathy for Randy's pain is very limited. Randy tells us that Dan was voted out tonight, although Randy himself voted for Susie just in case Dan had the idol. "He was my friend, but ... he had to go," Randy says. Well, he can add Dan to a long list of people Randy isn't friends with. And that list includes the entire population of the planet Earth, as well as any life forms that may exist throughout the universe.

Marcus gets down to business, saying that he thinks the merge is coming very soon, so they need to make sure they're going into it as a unified team of six. Randy agrees, saying that they'll be the Final Six without a doubt. Or will they? Because Marcus points out that Susie said she wanted to vote for Corinne, and that worries him. Not enough to keep Dan around, but still. Corinne takes the lead on this, saying that she was totally fine with what Susie said about her not contributing around camp (yeah, right), but was shocked to be called out by Susie yet again at Tribal Council. Right, so ... was Susie supposed to say "yes, Jeff, you're right. I am totally weak sauce?" Please. No one wants to admit she's the weakest person in the game, even if that is the truth. Except for Scout. She had no problem telling anyone and everyone that she sucked at everything.

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