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Suddenly Susie

For today's challenge, players have to place a pole on the top of each hand. The poles are underneath a small board, so that the player must apply upward pressure to the poles to keep them under the board and stop them from falling. If you lower a hand, the pole will fall and you're out. Wow, that does not look like fun. The last player left wins immunity for his entire tribe. Probst helpfully clears that not-at-all-confusing statement up by saying that the first tribe to have all its members drop their poles will lose and go to tribal council. With that, the players take their spots and the game begins. "This challenge is officially underway," Probst says. Thinking that her poles are holding up rice, Crystal immediately drops them. "And after one second, Crystal is out," Probst says, disgusted. For real. I was disgusted, too. How far does Eric "the Eel" Moussambani live from Gabon? Is he close enough to make it over there and smack her? Even he is a better Olympian than she is. Sugar is quick to follow Crystal out. "After ten seconds," Probst snarls. He starts nattering on about the need to concentrate and how little food and sleep everyone has had until Susie drops her pole and angrily throws down her other one. I'm disappointed. I was hoping she would outlast Corinne and prove that her upper body strength was, in fact, superior. Unfortunately, Susie is easily distracted and finds it difficult to care about anything, so she lost her concentration.

Next out is Randy, followed almost at the same time by Corinne. But are they throwing the challenge? They certainly look genuinely angry to lose. Ken is the next to go, and he loses one pole but stays up there, possibly hoping no one will notice. It doesn't work; Probst tells him to sit down. Meanwhile, Bob is looking pretty solid while Marcus's arms are shaking. Probst coaches him to "dig deep" and "change arm position," but it's no good and Marcus is out. Probst says it's Charlie and Matty versus Bob, and Charlie steals a look at Bob before he drops his pole. I'm not sure if he did it on purpose or not; it definitely looked fake.

So now it's Matty versus Bob, and Matty has gone insane. "Ain't no thing, Bobby boy!" he shouts. Probst warns them not to "get foolish" like he's their teacher or something. Matty makes a high-pitched giggling sound, and Probst urges Bob to "block it out" because Probst wants Bob to win and Matty to lose. Marcus, meanwhile, decides to distract Bob and tells him that Matty is shaking and will drop soon. Matty giggles again at this, and Probst says/hopes that "Matty is going to be laughing his way right to Tribal Council," pointing out that one of his poles is right on the edge of the board. "Stop jabbering and start concentrating!" Probst lectures. I don't know if Probst hates Matty, Fang, or just hates it when people don't take his little endurance challenges seriously. Meanwhile, Bob is starting to shake quite a bit while Matty is playing with fire and trying to somehow move his pole so it's not hanging off the board. And then, while looking over at Matty, Bob drops his pole. Fang wins! Well, Matty wins. Although I guess he's the only real Fang member left. His team embraces him while Kota looks all sad and tastes defeat. Probst congratulates Fang, pronouncing it "Fong." "Fang," Corinne corrects him. "Don't forget your tribe flag, Fang," Probst says, hating Corinne. Randy gives us a post-challenge wrap-up, saying he likes winning, but it doesn't really matter since Matty would have been going home if they had lost. Matty tells us that he's happy with his performance, and dying to know who from Kota is going home tonight.

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