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Suddenly Susie

Crystal, meanwhile, finds Ken. Ken thinks that Susie will either side with them or be voted out tonight. "No," Crystal says. Ken looks surprised, although I can't imagine why. I mean, duh, Ken. Crystal tells him that the plan is to vote Ken out tonight, and Ken deflates like Kirby. "I can't let them do it," Crystal says. Ken says their only chance is to convince Susie to vote with them instead of Marcus and Bob. Crystal tells us that Ken's life in this game rests on Susie. And she doesn't look pleased about that. If only Ken had a Game Genie, then he would have infinite lives! And super jump!

So while Ken talks to the boys about the fish they're preparing for supper tonight, Crystal goes into her usual plotting spot -- the hut. She whispers to Susie that they can help each other, and Crystal and Ken are willing to vote out whoever Susie wants. For example, Crystal suggests, Marcus could go home tonight. "But Marcus wants to take me to the final three," Susie says, so naively. First of all, he doesn't "want" to. You're trying to force him into promising you that, and it's a promise that he is under no obligation to keep. Second of all, he won't. "He can't promise you that!" Crystal says. "You think he's lying to me?" Susie asks. Is she this stupid, or is she just acting stupid? I don't get it. Crystal says she knows Marcus is lying, and lists off the members of the Kota Six who don't like Susie, according to Marcus. Ooooh, that was bad move on Marcus's part, giving up vital Kota Six inter-dynamics like that! Now Crystal's argument becomes very convincing.

Susie tells us that she's not sure if she can trust Crystal and Ken to get her to the Final Three. Okay, you know what, Susie? It's time to stop acting like it's other people's jobs to carry your ass to the end of the game. If you think you're too weak to do anything for yourself then you shouldn't have auditioned for the show in the first place. "You have numbers," Crystal tells her. And that's the most important thing right now -- numbers. If Susie swings over to the Fang Four and votes Marcus out tonight, then her new alliance will have five people and the Kota Six will be the Kota Four. Even on the bottom of that totem poll, that's still one spot better than the bottom of the Kota Six. As Kota leaves for Tribal Council, Susie tells us that she doesn't know what to do or how to feel. Pretty much like usual.

The Kota Kids take their seats at TC, with Bob giving Ken an odd pat on the back as things get underway. Is that because Bob feels bad for Ken for being voted out tonight? Don't be so confident, Bob. Probst asks Crystal what Kamp Kota is like. Crystal says it's like "corporate espionage" in that everyone looks nice in his suit but you have no idea what's really going on in his head. I don't really get it, but Probst seems to find her metaphor entertaining. Crystal says that Fang, on the other hand, is like the projects and people are too hungry to keep things inside. Unless they're plotting to take Ace out.

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