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Suddenly Susie

Probst asks if anyone wants to play an immunity idol, but since Marcus threw the idol away, no one has one to play. The votes are read, and it's two votes for Ken and two for Marcus. So who did Susie vote for? Who is the first member of the jury? MARCUS! Hooray! Susie isn't crazy after all! Bob looks pained, as well he should since the alliance he's in only because they needed an extra person and no one had any intention of bringing him to the finals anyway has now crumbled. Ken and Crystal look downright triumphant. I love it! Ken saved Crystal last week and she saved him this week. Despite their stunning lack of athletic ability or having anything in common with each other, they've managed to survive. Marcus tries not to look bitterly disappointed as he leaves, but he so is. The doctor just got outplayed by a hairdresser. Bet you wish you hadn't voted Dan out now, huh?

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