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Suddenly Susie

After another recycled elephant shot (this one is okay because it has a baby elephant in it -- so cute!) the newest Fang Failures arrive at their camp. Charlie tells us that the "Kota Six" were all set to stick together going into the merge. The merge didn't happen, but Charlie's not worried since Kota has a majority on both tribes. As long as they all stick together, they should be fine. I just want to know how Charlie is coping with playing this game without his onetruelove Marcus. Why aren't we hearing anything about that? Charlie goes on a walk with Corinne and seems less sure of his position in the game, whispering to her that he's worried about leaving Randy behind with Matty in case Randy defects and tells Matty all o the Kota Six's secrets. Randy and Matty do have a conversation, and it goes like this: "good to see you, man," Matty says. "You too," Randy spills. Such intrigue! Charlie is also concerned that Sugar might have the immunity idol, and Corinne agrees they'll have to make sure that idol is taken out of the game. Charlie says that Randy will probably want to get rid of Sugar before Matty (since he knows that Randy hates women. He hates men too, but he hates women more), but Corinne thinks that's "suicide," since if they vote for Sugar and she uses her idol, she and Matty will then be able to control who is really the next to go. Corinne tells us that she wants Matty to go next, both because there's no chance that he has the idol, and because he's a challenge threat to her precious Marcus. "He will go home as soon as we vote," Corinne promises. Hey, remember last week when Corinne promised that Susie was leaving next? Or that she'd stab Susie in the face and bury her alive? Well, Susie's still in this game and she's above ground with her face intact, so I'm not taking Corinne seriously.

Back at camp, Matty tries to get the dirt on Charlie and Corinne from Randy. Randy says Charlie is "awesome" and his "first gay friend," as if Randy has enough friends to be able to make distinctions like that. Let's be real, here. Charlie isn't just Randy's "first gay friend" -- he's also Randy's first male friend, first friend with black hair, first bipedal friend, and the list goes on and on. Randy says that Corinne is "cool, too." Matty tells us that he likes Randy a lot (which puts him in quite the minority), but doesn't trust him at all. Matty seems like he might actually be intelligent, but then he goes to Sugar and says he's not "unpleased" about Ace being voted out. "Unpleased." Is that better or worse than Paloma's "prounce?" I honestly don't know. Matty says he's happy he didn't break his promise to Ace, but now he's having trouble trusting Sugar. Sugar says she trusted Ken more than Ace. Matty says Ken didn't trust Ace, and told Sugar a bunch of lies to make her vote him out. In reality, Matty says, Ace never wanted to vote Sugar out, at least not at this point in the game. You know, the point in the game where she had the immunity idol he wanted.

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