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Suddenly Susie

It's the next day, and Matty and Sugar find mail in the treemail box. Matty screams "we've got MAAAIIIIIL!" for some reason, but the rest of Fang pay him no mind as they're busy strategizing about their easy road to the Final Six. Randy says he was thinking that it might not be a bad idea for them to intentionally lose the next immunity challenge, since the three of them are much stronger than Marcus, Bob, and Susie. If Fang loses, then, they'll be able to get rid of Matty and that'll improve their numbers in case Susie defects. Or, as Randy puts it, "what Crazy Susie does." Corinne tells us that she was happy to hear from Randy that Matty should go next, since that's how she feels as well. Randy tells us that Matty will be voted out next, just in the case of the "one in a billion chance" that Sugar was smart enough to find the idol. Yes, that one in a billion chance that Sugar didn't spend enough time on Exile "Island" to have dug up the entire place and found the idol even if she hadn't been able to figure out those clues.

Matty and Sugar return with the treemail, and the tribe quickly figures out that they're looking at some kind of horrible endurance challenge. That's pretty standard for the first challenge following a merge, although there was no merge this time. This makes me wonder if the non-merge was pre-planned, or the producers came up with this twist upon seeing Kota potentially run away with the game. Matty tells us that he knows how important it is for Fang to win this challenge, since he could very well be the next person to go if they don't.

The tribes arrive, and Probst acts all superior and says it looks like they don't have this game as thought out as they thought they did. Marcus says his game plan changed as soon as the merge didn't happen. Corinne says she still feels like a member of Kota, so much so that she's even gone as far as to rename her new tribe "Fang" (pronouncing it with a long "a" instead of the short "o." You know, like how Kelly insisted on saying it. That puts you in some great company, Corinne). That's so insulting to the old Fang members and pretty much tells Matty and Sugar exactly where they stand -- and Crystal and Ken, too, once the merge happens. Smart, Corinne. Probst asks Matty how, as the only person who's been on Fang for the entire game, Corinne's comment makes him feel. Matty says he's "trapped in the ghetto" and "whatever you wanna call it, I don't care ... I just wanna get out of there one day." Probst smiles because he hates Fang.

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