The Beauty of a Merge

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The newly merged tribe returns from Tribal Council and finds food and champagne at their camp, much to their delight. Troy interviews that this is what he wanted out of Survivor, to be playing as an individual in a merged tribe. Everyone starts swigging champagne, except for Jonas who doesn't drink, so he gives up his sip to someone else. Alicia interviews that she didn't know the merge was coming so soon, and this might change Christina's fate. Alicia also knows that she's screwed without Colton or his Immunity Idol and she might return to the women and their "girl power" alliance. She might? She should. What's her other shot, to be a turncoat and join the men who will ditch her as soon as they get rid of the rest of the women? That would be a real Cochran move.

The next morning, the tribe realizes that they need to come up with a new name. Troy suggests Tikianu, because Tiki means god and anu means year. So God Year? Why is that a good tribe name? They're not there for a year and God has nothing to do with this game.

Jonas is cooking diced coconut in a frying pan and he gives a whole Top Chef-style speech about his cooking method, which actually made me laugh. I think it's because I've often lampooned the pretentious Top Chef descriptions of their dishes. Kim expresses appreciation for Jonas's cooking skills.

Jay starts making coffee from the Reward Package that the former Salanis won before the merge. Tarzan says something about how to make it and Jay says it's only for the people who won it. Because of his accent, Tarzan thinks Jay says it's for the people that want it. They clear up that confusion and Tarzan mumbles something about it being for everyone on the tribe, but he doesn't ask for coffee again. Jay pours it out for those who won it and Tarzan stands creepily in the group and stares at their coffee. I mean, I get why they don't want to share, I guess, but they're making it clear where their allegiance lies. I wouldn't ask for it if I didn't win it, but if I did win it, I think I would offer to share at least a few sips for the sake of goodwill. It's hard to say how you'd act in reality though; it's easy for me to claim I'd share when I can just go to the store and buy more coffee. Jay interviews that the former Salani tribe has the numbers and plans to pick off the others one by one. Tarzan interviews that he thought the guys would reform their alliance after the merge, but now it doesn't seem like that's going to happen.

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