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Back at camp, Leif laments not getting pizza and that he has sand everywhere. Jonas tells Michael that they need to "get stuff together," and Michael asks if he means supplies or ideas. Michael says that Tarzan told him the plan was for the guys to stick together and that Alicia would vote with them. Jonas doesn't say anything and Michael expresses surprise that Jonas didn't know the plan. Is he surprised? Isn't it obvious that would be the plan? Jonas just says that he just didn't have a chance to talk to Tarzan and tries to play it off. Jonas interviews that he can't believe Tarzan talked to Michael without informing him, and that Tarzan makes zero sense and is a loose cannon. Okay, Tarzan is a weirdo and annoying. Affirmed. But isn't he right about the plan? And why does Jonas assume that he's the leader of their alliance now that Colton is gone? Did they have a vote about it? Why shouldn't Tarzan make a move? Tarzan noticed that some of the guys seem really friendly with some of the ladies and he's trying to shore up support. Yes, he should have told Jonas he did it, but maybe he just didn't get a chance yet. I think Jonas's ego is bruised more than anything.

Jonas goes up to Tarzan and yells at him for telling Michael, who is "the least reliable guy," what the plan is now. Jonas thinks they should have waited until right before the vote to fill him in, in case he's playing both sides, so he couldn't give up their plan to the women. Tarzan didn't say who they're voting for, so I'm not sure what valuable information that Michael could give up. That Alicia's a traitor? I'm sure the women could figure that out all by themselves. So Tarzan and Jonas start cursing at one another. Tarzan is mad that Jonas is accusing him of something (trying to strike out on his own?). Jonas is mad that Tarzan didn't keep him in the loop. Tarzan pauses for a minute and then says that there's too much confusion, so he's going to "drop out of the tribe." Michael comes over and asks what they're fighting about and Tarzan says it was a misunderstanding. Tarzan is one of those people who says, "I'm done!" and then keeps talking. If you're done, be done. Stop coming back and saying things like, "I don't like you, Jonas!" and "I will fall on the sword." Jonas, for his part, does stop talking and walks away as Tarzan continues to mutter crazily to himself. Tarzan interviews that he doesn't like Jonas and when he says something, he won't go back on it. Jonas walks down to the beach and Tarzan fumbles around camp and mutters, "I can't look at that face anymore." Apparently what Tarzan actually said was, "I can't look at that Asian face anymore" but at the last second, the editors cut it. Probst was live-tweeting the episode and he mentioned it, not knowing that it got cut. Oops. I don't know that it changes my opinion about Tarzan any; I already thought he was a loon.

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