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The next morning, it's Day 19. Troy is up, drinking coffee, while everyone else is still sleeping. He takes advantage of his solitude to look for the Immunity Idol. He reaches into a couple of holes in trees and seems to find it pretty quickly. He puts it around his neck, just for the feel of it and whispers, "This could take me pretty far." He's not wrong.

Immunity Challenge. The tribe walks in and Probst asks about their new name, "Tikiano." Troy explains about the "Year of the God" thing and Probst doesn't comment, because it's dumb. Then again, my suggestion for the tribe's name would be like, "Tribe" or "The Bev Niners" or something equally dumb and not island-related, so I guess I shouldn't make too much fun.

Probst reminds them that they are now playing for individual immunity. The challenge is to stand on a small log while balancing a ball on a wooden disk. At regular intervals, they will add more balls, making it more difficult. If they drop a ball or step off the log, they're out and the last person standing wins immunity. Simple enough.

Each tribe member steps up on his or her perch and balances a ball on a disk as Probst counts down. A gust of wind comes up and blows the balls around a bit. Tarzan loses his balance after like ten seconds so he's the first and only one out in the first round. They get a quick break before stepping back up and putting two balls on the disk. Christina is the second person out and then Probst notes that Michael has "balls hanging on both sides of his disk." Oh, he's having fun with this. Anyway, Michael's out. Chelsea's out. Kim's out. And the second round ends.

So headed into the third round, we have Troy, Kat, Sabrina, Jonas, Alicia, Leif, and Jay. They step up and place all three balls on their disk. Probst says that this is the last round, so it keeps going until only one person remains. Alicia is out quickly and Jay follows. Probst snarks, "Troy-zan's balls haven't moved in a long time" and Troy lets out a burst of laughter. Jonas is out. Sabrina is out. Only Troy, Kat, and Leif remain and then Leif is out. So it's down to Kat or Troy. Troy's balls are rolling all over the place, but he manages to keep them on the disk, while Kat is just solidly standing not moving. Troy's feet are quivering, but then Kat unexpectedly straightens up and loses. Troy wins immunity. He gets emotional about it, because he's a big fan of the game and now he's wearing the necklace and touching Jeff Probst. At least he's not yelling that it's his island anymore. That was obnoxious.

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