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It's Not Poop, It's Dirt

Sabrina asks the camp if they have any clothing that needs to be boiled and Tarzan says he needs to wash his underwear. He brings it over to Sabrina and says, "This is not poop, okay? It's dirt." Okay, if you have something brown on your underwear, wash it yourself. Scrub all the brown off and THEN boil it. But don't ask anyone else to deal with your brown underwear stains, regardless of origin. Sabrina won't even look at his underwear stains and then Tarzan says if you're boiling it, it doesn't matter what microbes might be on it. I guess he's right, but it's more of a comfort issue than a strictly bacterial issue. Like if you can't stop thinking about your clothes in the same pot as someone's poop pants, it doesn't matter if they were bleached or boiled or whatever. It FEELS gross.

Chelsea interviews that her goal for the day was to get all of her clothes nice and clean, so she took them and scrubbed them really well with sand. Apparently, the laundry procedure is that you scrub them really well with sand to remove any dirt or stains and then stick them in a pot of boiling water to disinfect and probably remove the salt water. So Chelsea brings her scrubbed clothes up to the fire and puts the first piece into the pot of boiling water. And Tarzan walks over and just throws his poopy underwear into the pot without even asking first. What a dick. He tells Chelsea that it's definitely dirt and not poop. Chelsea looks just exhausted and takes the underwear out with a stick while explaining that her clothes were pre-scrubbed. Tarzan claims that his were too and then Chelsea offers to scrub them herself, saying that she'll take her stuff out so Tarzan can use the pot. Tarzan lets her take her stuff out while he lectures her about microbes and microbiology and he just doesn't get why it's gross. As I said above, it's not that he's wrong about the biology, but it just FEELS gross. And why can't Tarzan wait until everyone else is done with the pot? Is there a laundry deadline? Chelsea sighs that she's going to puke now and yes it was childish, but I understand her disgust and I'm not a germaphobe AT ALL.

Chelsea walks away and sits alone on the beach while Tarzan continues to split wood and says that everyone is so offended by his shorts that they don't want to share the pot. Why is it so important to him that he share the pot? Can't he just wait his turn like a normal person? He doesn't get that this has nothing to do with poop (well, very little) and is really about his inability to compromise or be empathetic. Chelsea interviews that she'd like to get rid of Tarzan instead of Jonas, because Jonas is a positive person who brings everyone up and is a joy to be around and Tarzan is the opposite of that. Jay, Kim, Kat, and Mike join Chelsea on the beach and Chelsea asks if they can get rid of Tarzan instead of Jonas and at least spare Jonas for a few more days. Jay says that he understands wanting to get rid of dead weight and he'd like to get rid of Alicia and Christina because they do nothing, but they've set a plan in place and if they start changing it now, it will lead to chaos.

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