The Beauty of a Merge

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That night, the tribe heads to Tribal Council. Probst asks Sabrina what has changed since they merged and Sabrina says that it's chaotic with everyone trying to figure out where he or she stands and which alliances are going to hold strong. Probst asks Jonas if people are already thinking about the end and Jonas says that he thinks people are thinking too far ahead and they're talking about voting him out even though he's a provider, while leaving Mike in the team, even though he's a challenge threat. Mike protests that he did terrible in the Immunity challenge today. Jonas says that he's not done talking (he seems to say that a lot -- maybe he needs to start being more concise) and says that he's voting for Mike tonight and anyone who agrees with his strategy should vote with him.

Probst says that Mike is on the hot seat, but before Probst can ask a question, Tarzan butts in and says that he doesn't respect how Jonas just threw Mike under the bus and Tarzan is sure that Jonas doesn't have to fight for his life. Oh, really Tarzan? Tarzan adds that he thought Jonas was safe, but he might have ruined it with that last speech. Jonas says that, "despite [Tarzan's] brilliant plan," they don't have the votes to vote off Kat. Ooh, Jonas is just putting it all on front street. Kat wonders what she did, and Tarzan says that Jonas is lying. What? Tarzan is crazy, so then he says that they should all vote Jonas out. Everyone on the Salani alliance is like, "Done and DONE!" But they say it with their eyes.

Probst asks Tarzan why he's having such a big reaction to Jonas and Tarzan says that Jonas has been on his back since day one and is always undermining him. He kind of sounds like my mother-in-law, who had to change grocery stores because she was sure the manager at her old one was watching her shop and close to accusing her of stealing. Yes, the grocery store personnel are extremely concerned about senior Italian ladies and their thieving ways. Anyway, Jonas says that he's just trying to play the game and you can't fault him for that.

Chelsea speaks up and says that she thinks more people have had run-ins with Tarzan than Jonas and Sabrina agrees. Tarzan says that he's not as likable as Jonas and he's awkward outside of his environment, which is the operating room. He's used to being "captain of the ship," and here he tries to put forth his ideas to help people, but they don't agree and it frustrates him. That actually explains a lot. I forget that he's a doctor, but I've met many doctors with that "my way or the highway" attitude, especially surgeons. Probst begins a question to Kim about the differences between likable Jonas and anti-social Tarzan and Kim says that the beauty of a merge (episode title) is that people like Jonas become a threat and people like Tarzan become an asset. She's obviously thinking about her endgame. You'd rather sit next to Tarzan in the finals than Jonas. Chelsea adds that there are people you want to keep around because they're positive and people who are just dead weight. Tarzan asks if he's the dead weight and Chelsea smirks and says, "Maybe."

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