The Beginning of the End

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The Blindside
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The tribe members return from voting out Malcolm at Tribal Council, celebrating making the final eight. Reynold immediately acknowledges that he and Eddie are short-timers unless something changes, and adds that he thinks he can go on an immunity run. Eddie interviews that he and Reynold have been up against the wall since about day two, but they're still there, and anything can happen. Well, not anything. Like one of you probably won't win the whole thing, let's be honest.

Cochran and Andrea have a quick strategy talk about the possibility of Reynold going on an immunity run. Cochran interviews that his alliance has all the power, and he wants to "suck up all the power" for himself. Cochran admits that he sounds scary right now. It would be scarier if he were saying this to his alliance-mates; as long as he keeps his power-mad statements to himself, he'll probably be fine.

Day 31. Only eight days left! Cochran and Andrea walk into camp with Tree Mail, and it's something about shaky footing and losing focus causing one to lose a challenge. They are all disappointed that it's not another Reward Challenge, and Erik interviews that now they all need to beat Reynold and then vote him off because Reynold is a threat. I guess Erik is not part of the bro-lliance?

When the tribe arrives for the Immunity Challenge, they find a bunch of colored pyramids floating in the water. Well, they're not exactly pyramids -- they're more like the roofs of doghouses, whatever geometric shape that would be. Probst makes a crack about how Cochran is going shirtless now, which he never thought he'd see. I'm shocked that he's shirtless -- didn't he already get one bad sunburn this season? Why go for two? Maybe they got better sunblock in one of the reward kits.

Anyway, the challenge is to stand on the platform in the water with their feet on tiny boards. At intervals, they have to move their feet up the roof until, finally, they are perched on the top like Snoopy, except standing instead of lying down. So more like Woodstock. Last one standing wins immunity and a reward that is information about the game. Reynold interviews that he's "number one on the hit list" and he has to win or he's going home. One would assume.

The challenge begins. Probst brings out a plate of doughnuts and a glass of milk for anyone who wants to give up now. Eddie is intrigued, and Erik says he'll take it if Eddie doesn't. Eddie and Erik decide to go together. Does Eddie understand that either he or Reynold is going home tonight, and if he doesn't win immunity, and Reynold does, it will definitely be Eddie? I mean, at least try! I don't think he gets how this game works. Anyway, Eddie and Erik jump off together and eat some donuts. Brenda, Dawn and Andrea all smirk at one another.

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