The Beginning of the End

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The Blindside

After fifteen minutes, Probst tells everyone to move their feet up to the next step. Once everyone is settled, Probst brings up hot dogs and soda. Cochran tells his alliance that he's going to take the food because he knows he can't last much longer, so he might as well get the food. Probst points out that no one in his alliance gave him permission or approval to go, and Cochran interviews that it may have been a mistake but as long as Reynold doesn't win, he's cool.

So now it's down to Reynold, Brenda, Andrea and Dawn. Reynold has a bobble but recovers. He taunts the others, "I'm going nowhere!" Reynold is developing cadaverous crazy eyes.

After a total of thirty minutes elapses, everyone moves up to the top. This board looks to be about six inches wide, but with a one inch board down the middle, so you have just over two inches for each foot. Yikes. Sherri is shaking like a leaf. A big gust of wind comes up and Dawn falls off. Shortly thereafter, Sherri falls off. So now it's down to Andrea, Brenda and Reynold. As Sherri swims by, Reynold has a HUGE bobble but somehow recovers. I don't know how he did that. Brenda and Andrea both bobble. Reynold goes to one foot with the other leg up in the air and somehow comes back from it. Reynold bobbles one last time, but he overcorrects and can't recover. He's in the water.

So Reynold is out, and probably out of the game. Andrea and Brenda discuss whether they need or want to continue. Andrea says she's staying but offers to share the clue if Brenda gives up. Brenda says that she will be happy for Andrea if she wins, but Brenda wants to get beat, not give up. They both say they're not worried about being voted out, but they also both want to win.

And suddenly it's been three hours. Brenda and Andrea decide to make it harder so someone will go out because they've been there so long. Their compromise is to both lift up their left legs. Probst gives the okay. Brenda lifts her leg up way too high and it throws off her balance, and she almost immediately falls in. Andrea wins immunity and a scroll with information. Everyone applauds them; that was truly impressive. Brenda interviews that it's mostly exciting because Reynold and Eddie didn't win immunity, so they can split the votes and one of them will go home.

Everyone returns to camp. Reynold interviews that he knows he's probably on the way out, but he has to hope that the majority alliance will realize that this is a perfect time to blindside someone. Andrea interviews that after Reynold dropped out, she figured Brenda would let her win, since Brenda won the last one. But now Andrea considers Brenda a threat. They go off to read the note together and it's the same clue to the hidden immunity Idol that Malcolm got to see last week.

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