The Beginning of the End

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The Blindside

Andrea decides to share the clue with her whole tribe, since she figures they know what it is anyway, and they all head off to find the Idol. They seem to find the spot pretty quickly, so I don't know what Malcolm's problem was (although he had to go from memory), and Erik and Andrea start digging in the dirt. Erik finds it pretty quickly and he holds it up to show everyone, and Andrea oh so subtly reaches out and takes it from him. It all happened so fast; I don't know if Erik meant to try to keep it or if he was going to give it to her all along, but he definitely wasn't handing it to her. Cochran interviews how disappointed he was that Erik let Andrea have the Idol. Andrea interviews that she still plans to vote out Reynold, but now she's also considering a blindside because she thinks something needs to happen before she herself gets voted out. Heh.

Andrea, Cochran and Sherri sit in the water and talk strategy. Andrea makes the case for getting rid of Brenda; she thinks Brenda is too much of a challenge threat to keep around, and she hasn't pissed anyone off so you don't want to sit next to her in the finals. Cochran interviews that he thinks this is the end of his alliance, since people are starting to set up their end games. He adds that Andrea wants to get rid of Brenda, which isn't a terrible idea, but the game is all about timing.

Andrea and Dawn talk strategy and ask one another who the biggest threat is now. It could be Reynold, but Andrea continues to make the case that it's Brenda. Dawn interviews that the best move for the alliance would be to get rid of Reynold or Eddie, but it might be the best move for certain individuals to boot off Brenda, and Dawn's mind is so messed up that she's not sure which move to take. We don't see a lot more discussion about it because it's time to head to Tribal Council.

Oh hello Malcolm, with your hair down and wearing a tank top on the jury. Nice to see you! Hope we get a lot of reaction shots from that dude. Anyway, Probst asks Eddie what the fudge he was thinking when he jumped off so early, and Eddie says that he knew he wouldn't be able to stay up there more than an hour. Okay, but try? Maybe you're wrong? I would vote him out on principle.

Probst relays the rest of the challenge and then asks why Andrea and Brenda stayed up there for so long if they're in such a tight alliance. Brenda says that she wanted to test herself, and she's glad she got beat instead of winning. Probst keeps pushing and asks Reynold what he thinks, and Reynold says that he hopes that the others will see that they need to make a move and he's there to help. Cochran adds that making big moves in this game is all about timing, and making a move against someone a second before a move is made against you. Andrea looks concerned. Or constipated. Hard to tell.

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