The Beginning of the End

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The Blindside

Probst asks Dawn if it's hard to feel secure, and Dawn says that it is, and the longer she plays the game and the more she plays both sides of something, the worse she feels about her security. She adds that she hasn't been trustworthy at times, so it's hard to trust others. Andrea agrees that it makes you paranoid, and Eddie says that all of the favorites left are major players. Well, not Erik. I mean, come on.

Probst says that they're right on the cusp of the time when you have to start thinking about who you want left in the game. Andrea says that Reynold and Eddie are two votes, and any one of them in the alliance could use those two votes to get out one of their own.

Time to vote. Probst tallies the votes and Andrea doesn't play her Idol since she already has immunity. Reynold and Eddie split their votes for some unknown reason. Anyway, everyone the alliance split their votes between Eddie and Reynold, and Reynold goes home. That was past due. You knew no one was going to take him to the finals because he had too good of a case for winning and also because he was kind of a dick.

Once they return to camp, the alliance celebrates that they finally took out Reynold. Andrea interviews that she's already thinking about what's next, and she wants to blindside someone. Andrea and Cochran quietly talk strategy. Andrea makes the case that Brenda is a challenge threat, but Dawn will backstab anyone at any time. Overall, she wants to get rid of Brenda. Cochran interviews that he's glad Andrea wants to make a big move, but he doesn't agree with her strategy; she's talking about getting rid of Dawn, who is his biggest ally.

Brenda and Dawn tell Cochran that they really want to get Eddie out next, and Cochran says that Andrea won't vote off Eddie. Then he blurts out that she's talking about voting off Brenda and Dawn. Whoa. Cochran. Dawn, Brenda and Cochran decide to blindside Andrea, maybe. They don't like having her around with an Idol, but they need to make sure Sherri and Erik are with them. And that Andrea doesn't win immunity again.

Speaking of immunity, it's time for another challenge. We've seen this one before. They have to push a buoy along a rope, through obstacles, until they reach the end, where there is a key that unlocks a chest. Inside the chest are ladder rungs they must use to complete a ladder puzzle, then ascend the ladder and raise a flag.

They start. Erik gets such a huge lead in the first few seconds that I thought he cheated and jumped in early. He didn't. It would be funny if Eddie won, kind of? Because then all the whispering about blindsides would be irrelevant. Sherri is useless at this and every challenge. Why is she still here again? Oh, I forgot. She's controlling the game.

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