The Beginning of the End

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The Blindside

Erik and Andrea are the first to get to the final ladder puzzle. Remember when Cochran claimed he was going to win a bunch more immunity challenges? Ha ha ha. Good times. Once they start to build their ladders, everyone is pretty much even for the first few rungs, but then Erik just gets it or something and flies through the puzzle and wins immunity.

After they all return to camp, Erik is pleased with himself and promises us that he's not going to give immunity to anyone else. Andrea continues her whisper campaign against Brenda. She's pushing this a leeeeettle too hard, if you ask me. She tries to rally Dawn and Cochran with the same rationale she's been using: Brenda is a challenge threat, and we need to get rid of her, plus we can get Eddie, Sherri and Erik to vote with us. Andrea interviews that she feels bad for Brenda because she knows what it's like to be blindsided, since it happened to her last time out. Oh, Andrea. Are you listening to yourself? Anyway, Andrea adds that she has an Idol, and she's going to bring it to Tribal Council, but she really doesn't think she'll need to play it.

Andrea tells Eddie that they're blindsiding Brenda, and it was supposed to be him. Eddie interviews that he believes Andrea, and it will be the first time in the game that he goes to Tribal Council with a clue about what's happening. Oh, Eddie. Are you listening to yourself? Like really listening?

Andrea then goes to Cochran and asks who would win if the two of them went to the final three with Eddie. Cochran thinks Eddie would win, which is obviously not the answer Andrea was hoping for. Do they have a final three deal? Have we seen that happen? I don't think so. Andrea is getting a little presumptuous. Just because Cochran likes to talk strategy with you doesn't mean he wants to go to the finals with you. Anyway, Andrea again suggests getting rid of Dawn or Brenda before Eddie. Cochran interviews that Andrea has been promising that Eddie is harmless and they don't need to worry about him, and now Cochran understands that she's planning on taking him to the finals, and that's why she wanted to keep him around.

Cochran meets up with Brenda, Dawn and Sherri and tells them that Andrea is obviously planning on taking Eddie to the finals. They all agree that Andrea has got to go. Cochran interviews that he's finally figured out that he's not part of Andrea's game plan, and he adds that he wants to be a part of everyone's game plan. He concludes that if he's not a part of your game plan, you've got to go. Sounds harsh, but at this stage in the game, it's actually a good way of figuring who to keep and who to jettison.

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