The Beginning of the End

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The Blindside

Later, Cochran talks to Dawn, Sherri and Brenda about whether or not they should split their votes between Andrea and Eddie since they know that Andrea has an Idol. It's tough though; they don't have the numbers they once did, so splitting the vote is scarier than ever. Assuming Erik is with them (big assumption), they can vote three for Andrea and two for Eddie. If Andrea plays the Idol, presumably Andrea and Eddie voted for Brenda and it's a tie. So they vote out Eddie, which is not a big deal, but it would totally expose their ploy to Andrea, who would still be in the game. It's a big risk. And if one person flips, then Brenda goes home and they are still exposed.

Cochran goes to Erik and explains the plan. Erik agrees, but Cochran interviews that given Erik's doofy history with voting and making dumb moves for no good reason, he's a little nervous. Andrea then tells Erik that they're blindsiding Brenda, and that she would love to take Erik to the end. Erik agrees that "we" have the Idol. Um, dude, you've got jack and shit. Andrea has the Idol, and don't make the mistake of thinking she's going to share that with you. Erik interviews that he kind of believes Andrea will take him to the finals, and Cochran hasn't made any such promises, so he's tempted to shake things up. Erik adds that he actually feels in control of the game, and he has to do what's best for him. And we all know how great Erik is at determining what's best for him, right? You know, the first guy to give up immunity to someone else and then get voted out?

Tribal Council. Probst asks Eddie about his position in the tribe, and how Eddie is on the outs, but he's also all alone so maybe taking him out right now isn't a huge priority. Eddie agrees that tonight's the perfect night for a blindside. Probst asks Brenda what happens if they go with the obvious and get rid of Eddie tonight, and Brenda says that there will be a lot of lying and hurt back at camp once they have to bust up the alliance. Sherri and Cochran both agree that people have already started lying, and Cochran is more specific: he thinks people have lied to him about going to the finals with him, and he's probably lied to people on the same issue. Andrea admits that's worrisome to hear, but also confesses that she probably has several final three alliance, just like everyone else.

Probst wants to hear more about Andrea's information that she won in the previous challenge. Andrea starts to be vague but then realizes it's useless and admits that she has an Idol, since everyone but maybe Eddie already knew that. Cochran says that it's a big deal that Andrea has an Idol, and adds that usually you can only plan an Idol up until the final five, so Andrea won't have many opportunities to play it. Heh, Andrea should have sniffed out the blindside right there; Cochran was basically telling her to play it now. Not to help her, but maybe subconsciously admitting what was going on. I do get why Andrea wanted to keep it for the next round, though.

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