The Beginning of the End

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The Blindside

Time to vote! Andrea votes for Brenda and gives a big speech about how that immunity challenge made her realize how big of a threat that Brenda really is. Brenda votes for Andrea and calls her "a sneaky, sneaky little girl" but says she's not ready for this blindside.

Probst tallies the votes. Andrea doesn't play her Idol and everyone but Andrea and Eddie starts grinning. When the first vote for Andrea is read, Andrea looks a bit worried. Then there is a vote for Brenda and a vote for Eddie, and Andrea starts to realize that not everyone was on board with her "blindside Brenda" plan, because in her plan there should have been no votes for Eddie. When Probst reads another vote for Andrea, Andrea starts grinning, realizing that she's been fooled. I will say, Andrea takes a blindside better than any other contestant I've ever seen. She realizes that she got outplayed, and just kind of shakes her head and laughs. When the final vote is revealed, she laughs and says, "Oh, you guys. That's good. That's really good." I mean, she's obviously disappointed, but she's not freaking out. Cochran and Brenda look really, really pleased with themselves. So now what happens?

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