The Best And Worst Reward Ever

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I Double-Dog Boot You

Jeff asks Gregg how big an issue trust is, sort of apropos of nothing except that trust is here and Gregg and Jeff are here, so they might as well talk about it, and Gregg says that "it's about to kick in," seeing how this is their first trip to tribal council. Now all their trust will be tested, blah blah blah. But now, there's no time for testing, because it's time to vote. Willard goes first, silently and unsurprisingly voting for Katie. Everyone else votes. "You're crabby and you're bitter," Katie snots while voting for Willard, not making herself look particularly great in the process. You're already getting rid of him, dear. You could be a little gracious. I mean, maybe you couldn't.

Jeff goes off, and then he returns with the urn-o-votes. First vote is Katie, which I'm sure isn't pleasant for her. Then it's all Willard from there, so he's done. Willard comes over to Jeff to be snuffed. Once he has been, he turns back to the tribe. "Stay strong; stick to the plan; finish them off," he says forcefully. Wow. That was very Mortal Kombat for a guy who couldn't even poke a few embers to keep himself alive. Everyone bids Willard farewell. When he's gone, Jeff says that Ulong will now be brought in, and they'll be able to "partake in [their] reward." Koror is sent over to the jury area to wait and eat and stuff. We then see Willard's exit interview, in which he says that he surprised himself with how not-strong he turned out to be. "There are times I get crabby," he allows, but he chalks it up to the lack of water and sleep. Which I'm sure plays a role. And he thinks the tribe is made up of "good people, by and large." In Ian's case? Really large. (Sue me; it's what came to mind.)

Back around the fire now, Koror is seated and Ulong is on its way in. The hungry ones sit down for the coming torture. When they're gathered, Jeff tells Koror it can pull the cover off of its dinner. When it does, there is stew and biscuits, just as promised. And root beer. ["I know, but...what? Is that a thing, stew and root beer? It struck me as being very random, but I'm Canadian, so what do I know." -- Wing Chun] Ulong looks miserable. Koror seems to try to pull it together as soon as possible so as not to gloat unnecessarily, but there is no avoiding the initial rush of excitement at the thought of eating something besides sand and, like, Home Depot paint chips.

When we come back from commercials, Koror is happily eating, and Ulong is miserably watching, and Coby himself -- who talked about how they should all try to be nice and not torture Ulong -- is making with the comments about how great it all is, and blah dee blah. Angie puts her head down and tries not to pay attention. There's really no getting away from the smacking lips. Jeff clarifies for Ulong that Koror isn't going to be asking questions; they're just there to listen and eat. (Lie!) Jeff opens with a little question for Ulong, which is that they seem to have brought the whole camp with them. They brought their shovels, their Home Depot fact, they probably brought the little gray cloud that follows them wherever they go. It will likely start to rain down suckage any minute now. Asked why they brought all this junk, Bobby Jon says that they never know what's coming...and then he weakly says that they thought they know...merge. "And if we have to take it back, then we'll take it back," he says. He can tell from Jeff's expression that they're going to take it back, which is a little sad and makes him a little sheepish. "Yeah, we're not mergin'," Jeff says with a smirk. Every once in a while, I still want to poke him in the eye, even though I like it that he's so much more of a bitch now.

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