The Best And Worst Reward Ever

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I Double-Dog Boot You

Jeff asks Angie if her reason for hiding her face is that she can't particularly stand to look at the food, and she says yes, that's the deal precisely. He asks her exactly how she's feeling, and she goes into a thing about how frustrating it is, because they were so close to winning the challenge, and they could be eating right now, if only...well, you know. Steph says the same thing, about how they really almost had the win, "except for one mistake." Jeff addresses himself to James, talking about how it appeared that Ulong has been trying to remain positive, but it that today came fairly close to finishing them off. "We wanted it, man," James says, making it clear that it's sure as hell not his fault. At least the tribe is consistent on this point. Jeff calls on Ibrehem, who says, quite correctly, that emotions are running so high right now that people aren't thinking about anything except this one particular challenge. He wishes that they would think about other challenges in which perhaps other people haven't excelled, but he knows that isn't the way minds are working right now. Eyes roll all around the fire, because everyone knows that everything is Ibrehem's fault. Ibrehem further adds that they're all kind of getting very "we could have had beef stew" about it, as if beef stew is the point of the whole game, know, it isn't. There are more important things in life than beef stew. Vengeance, just as one example.

Okay, so Jeff says that, now, it's time for Ulong to vote. But -- but! Before Ulong votes, Koror is going to vote. Kororians look up, like, "Huh?" It turns out that Koror has the role here of voting to immunize someone on Ulong. They'll have no time to deliberate; they just have to go off and vote, and whoever they choose will be immune during the vote. Janu votes. Coby votes. Katie votes for Ibrehem. Anonymous Jen votes, and somebody votes for Steph (I think it might be Ian, which...awesome), and Gregg votes for Angie. Jeff goes off to tally. He returns with the urn-o-immunity. One for Angie. One for Ibrehem. One for Steph. One for Bobby Jon. Another for Steph. Another for Bobby Jon. Another for Ibrehem. And...the last one is for Ibrehem. I have to say, I get the idea, I guess, of trying to screw with Ulong by immunizing the person they were going to vote off, but in terms of individual immunities, are you really being smart in making sure you keep Ibrehem? I realize he hasn't been a challenge demon, but he's obviously got some strengths, and the mere fact that his tribe wanted to vote him off doesn't mean that forcing them to keep him works in Koror's best interests. Ibrehem may not have carried a ton of weight in that backpack challenge, but he did stay in it until the end, making him at least somewhat formidable, more so than -- let's say -- Angie or James.

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