The Best And Worst Reward Ever

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I Double-Dog Boot You

Anyway. Jeff gives the immunity necklace to Ibrehem, and we head for a commercial. When we come back (from a commercial for Spring Break Shark Attack), Koror is sent home, because they don't get to stand around and watch the madness. They leave, and Ulong has to go and vote. James votes for Angie, saying, "Angie, sorry." Bobby Jon votes. Ibrehem votes -- for James? Angie votes. Steph votes for Bobby Jon. Jeff goes off to tally.

When he comes back, Jeff reminds us about the decision being final and so forth, and then it's time for the reading. First vote goes to Angie. Next to Bobby Jon. Then, we have one for James. Then Bobby Jon. Then Angie. So what we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a tie. Bobby Jon and Angie will not vote this time, so the last three will go. Presumably, Steph and James will vote as they did before, meaning that Ibrehem has gone from being the guy on the block to the guy who will decide who stays and who goes. James gets up and votes again. Ibrehem votes. Steph votes. Once again, Jeff goes off to retrieve the urn, and once again, he comes back to read. The first vote is for Angie. The second one is for Angie as well, so that will be that. So the tribe has spoken, and Tattoo Girl is going home. She lasted longer than it initially seemed like she would; that's for sure. Jeff tells Ulong when Angie is gone that they are still a tribe, teeny as they are, and that they still "seem to believe it," whatever the heck that means.

In her exit interview, Angie talks about how she will never take the little things in life for granted again. I'm glad somebody is learning something.

Next week: Ulong picks on Ibrehem. Another storm comes. Janu is not looking good. And most likely, Ulong still royally sucks the bag.

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