The Best And Worst Reward Ever

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I Double-Dog Boot You

In the other developing Koror story, the team looks around for Willard, who is over in the hammock. They ask Willard to tend the fire overnight. "You're in charge of the fire unless you wake somebody up," they say. Go to bed, old man!

Over at Ulong, the tribe is being attacked by a great big storm. In response, they've decided to bail out and head for the cave where they relocated their fire once before. An authoritative James orders everyone "in line, now." Gee, thanks, Dad. You're pretty intimidating in your belted tunic. Steph explains that when they got back from tribal council and found the storm approaching, James and Bobby Jon had the brilliant idea of heading for the cave to avoid the weather. Unfortunately, as they make their way through the darkness in search of the cave, they quickly become lost, which really isn't all that surprising under the circumstances. You can see why all the night-vision cameras, because it would ruin this story entirely if this group weren't so helpless. Bobby Jon explains that it was maybe three hundred yards to the cave from the shelter, and in his usual after-the-fact self-flagellating manner, he says that he was indeed the one trying to lead the team through the woods. He adds that he'd "never really been real lost before in the wilderness, especially at night." He really is like something out of The Waltons sometimes. The tribe tries to find the cave some more, but they run into a rock wall. "I think we're totally lost," Angie says. James insists that it's "an adventure," but Angie is having none of it, and continues to complain that they're on a road to nowhere. This leads to the first conflict we've seen between her and Bobby Jon, where although he's still calling her "baby," he's not thrilled with her complaining and she's not thrilled with his aimless meandering in the dark. Isn't that always the way? She interviews that she thought the idea of hunting for the cave at night was insane to begin with, because they were never going to find anything like that. She ultimately tells the tribe that she's going back to camp, and Steph comments that she can't really go back alone. "Why can't I?" Angie wonders. "Who says I have to go with you guys and get lost in the jungle?" Oh, Tattoo Girl. The last thing you want to do with a team that is this likely to have to boot someone soon is make yourself stick out.

James complains that Angie "wanted to quit," because "she's one of those folks that says, 'I can't do this.'" You know, depending on what "this" is, some of those folks are the ones we call "people who live a long, long time," while the other folks are the ones we call "people who become famous for dying in ways that make people read about them in the paper and mutter, 'Well, dummy.'" James insists that Angie was sure they would "never" find it, and his attitude is "never say never." But when the lightning and thunder pick up, Steph points out that a giant stand of trees isn't really where they recommend you be in that situation lest you wind up rather southern-fried. Furthermore, she's coming to grips with the fact that they really don't seem to know where they're going and apparently aren't going to figure it out. Steph interviews that, indeed, Ulong eventually gave up and headed back to camp, where it poured down rain on them all night. As they lie around the wet, dark shelter, despondent, James starts to lecture them on not quitting, which...whatever. He bugs me, and there's an exchange of "Amen"s with Bobby Jon, and of course, extraneous blessings always make me kind of irritated.

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