The Best And Worst Reward Ever

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I Double-Dog Boot You

The next morning, Day 12, there's a rainbow, but that's just about the only good news we have available. James and his tattered, dirty Jesus dress do look rather epic and Biblical as he surveys the damage done overnight by the storm. ("And lo, there came a storm upon the land, and James said, 'Ah'm 'on bust some skulls a-this bad boy.'") He comments to Bobby Jon that it looks like there's even more rain coming, and we watch a miserable Angie look around the camp in distress. She says that everyone is freezing and wet, and today doesn't look like it's going to get better. "This is a rough one," she says.

Over at Koror, there is a fascinating little piece of footage as a rather audacious shark very nearly beaches itself, flapping around in the very shallow water before vanishing again, all, "La la la, don't mind me, I'm not here, you didn't seeeee me." Tom is lying in the hammock this morning, and he looks rather worn out. He tells us that his grumpiness is a result of not getting any sleep because he was up all night looking after the fire. Furthermore, he didn't enjoy the fact that, when he was poking the coals, he had to keep crawling over Willard, who was -- you got it -- sleeping in the hammock and not, as it turns out, tending the fire. An unflattering shot of Willard yawning is inserted for emphasis. Willard yawns. He is lazy. Do you get it? Tom says that there were a lot of "hints" provided to Willard about his helping with the fire, but he didn't seem to take them. In a line I think is pretty funny, Tom says that Willard is either intentionally making Tom exhausted by making him stay up all night, or he just doesn't feel like doing his share unless someone absolutely forces the issue. I like the idea of Willard plotting to destroy Tom through strategic lethargy. I wish I thought he had it in him. Gregg and Tom then have a fireside chat in which Tom points out that while Willard may not be able to do as much because of his age, it's not like he couldn't come over and put a damn log on the fire from time to time. Gregg is in agreement. Moreover, he comments, "The longer you keep him around, the more likely he is to screw you." Yeah! That crafty...Willard. They agree it's "discouraging," and Tom adds that in the real world, he'd probably "unload on" someone who wasn't pitching in to this degree. Gregg interviews that the endless string of immunity challenges has kept Willard from needing to worry about votes, and has essentially given him a "free ride." In Gregg's mind, Willard has "been able to play this game a lot longer than he should." Take that, Grandpa!

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