The Best And Worst Reward Ever

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I Double-Dog Boot You

Over at Ulong, the tribe is rowing into camp as James complains in an interview that they "had it in the bag. Then...Ibrehem." Well, God knows it's a good thing he's got the blame all assigned already. Wouldn't want to waste any time there. "We lost because of him," James says. "He gave up. His heart wasn't in it." Of course, James was the first one to yell at Ibrehem to get back on the raft and stop trying, so...what? Oh, and then James says, "If his heart was in it, he would have told us, 'Look, I can't do it.' That would have been the manly thing to do." What? What what? How would that prove his heart was in it? That's crazy talk, not that I should be surprised.'s James. The team (minus Ibrehem) has a chat in which Steph talks about how much watching Koror eat is going to suck, and Bobby Jon tries to tell her that "everything happens for a reason." Well, sure it does, Bobby Jon. Like your team being very, very bad. That's a reason. Steph offers an interview in which she says that se's been an athlete her whole life, and that she's "just not a good loser." She says she can't understand how the tribe keeps losing, and she's "hoping for a merge, really." I love how this entire tribe just cannot wait not to exist.

Ibrehem interviews that he does indeed feel like he lost the challenge for the team, perhaps as a result of having "panicked a little bit" at the feeling that he was "taking too much time." And now? He has to chase away a bug from his face while he's talking. That's hardly fair. (Insert unbelievably lame "adding insect to injury" joke that's really beneath us all, but occurred to me nonetheless, because I am very sleepy.) Ibrehem owns up in front of everyone, and no one offers him any comfort. Why would they? This is a time for bitterness. Ibrehem tells us that in all the other challenges, he did do his best and never gave up, but that he knows that, as a result of what happened today, he's undoubtedly the A-1 target for booting at this evening's tribal council. It's hard when you're Ulong, too, because practically everyone is so deserving of going home. Certainly everyone who's a guy. Ibrehem asks Bobby Jon to let him know, if possible, what's up before it happens. I'm always so fascinated by people to whom it's really important to know in advance if they're going.'s not like you can count on it anyway, so what good is it to you? But Bobby Jon agrees, as people usually do, because agreeing to things with people where they'll be gone by the time it matters is basically free. It's how used cars are sold. Bobby Jon interviews that while he likes Ibrehem, he also thinks that it's fair that he be booted after the performance at the challenge today. I suppose it's as good a reason as any, given the tribe's entirely nonexistent strategy.

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