The Best And Worst Reward Ever

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I Double-Dog Boot You

Oh, look. Tribal council already. Jeff introduces Koror to its torches for the first time, and they get fire here in the fifth episode -- the first time any of them has done this. Pretty impressive. ["Especially considering they're still only here because everyone has to boot someone, and not because they lost an immunity challenge." -- Wing Chun] Jeff says they "have a lot to cover," and that he wants to start with leaderships and friendships and whatnot. He asks Katie who the leaders of the tribe are. She says it depends on what you mean. In terms of challenges, it's usually Tom. In terms of feeding the tribe, it would be Ian. Jeff asks Tom if he intended to be a leader. Tom says he didn't, really; he intended to come in and "be the forty-year-old dad," all hanging back (yeah, that would have worked), but because the tribe was physically weaker at the beginning, everyone had to "turn it on 110%." Math takes such a beating on this show, I swear. Jeff asks Coby if he's "social with this tribe." I don't even know what that means, but Coby insists that he's really social. "I get along with everybody," he insists, going on to talk about what bad things can happen when you're "too friendly." It doesn't make a lot of sense to me personally, but that's not exactly a first at tribal council. Or for Coby. Or on reality television. Or today. know, fine. And then there is more talk of, quite honestly, keeping it real.

Jeff asks Gregg what friendships he's started to notice, and Coby cocks an eyebrow knowingly. Because of sex. Gregg talks about the obvious bond between Tom and Ian, which he compares to "a father-son relationship." "I'm the father," Ian puts in, and then Tom pats him on the head, and it's really funny. Well, it is to me, but I'm fatigued from Coby believing himself to be hilarious and adorable. Gregg says that it's not like that friendship (between Ian and Tom) is "hidden or secretive." True. He adds that Coby and Janu also seem to get along great. And Willard and Caryn. Which...we've never seen, but okay. Katie loves everyone, Gregg claims, which is more convenient than saying, "Katie's kind of...extra," and that leaves...scandal! Namely, it leaves the scandal of himself and Anonymous Jen. "So that's a different type of friendship, then," Jeff presses. Gregg calls it "a strong bond." Which is very romantic, only not really. "It's nothing super-intense at this point," Gregg says. And that's even more not very romantic. I don't think that's going in her diary, that it's "nothing super-intense at this point." Not that I'm confident she can spell all those words anyway, since all Jen's done for five episodes is hammock-based giggling. Jeff asks Willard how he thinks he's perceived, and Willard says he's probably perceived "as one of the weaker players." He adds, "I'm not as strong as I thought I'd be." I hope not.

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