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Heffalumps and Wildebeests

Last week on Survivor, Tom took issue with Lex Loser covering his own ass. Metaphorically, of course. Because it's not like Tom literallywanted to cover Lex Loser's ass for him. Because that would just be a weird thing to want to do. Sillies. Later, Lex Loser won immunity for the second consecutive week and then, after launching into a diatribe about gun control, Frank got voted off.

It's twilight on Day 31 at Mofo Maji, and everyone is asleep. Lex Loser is "killing time" making a bracelet, and Ethan agrees that bracelet-making is a cool pursuit. Lex Loser tells Ethan that the decorative aspects of the bracelet were "strategically placed." Ethan looks very interested in the jewelry and, as he helps Lex Loser tie it on, he is advised to "go as tight as you can on it." In a confessional, Ethan tells us that he's surrounded by people he enjoys, but that he still feels alone. The others may be his friends, but he only met them a month ago, so he holds back and isn't willing to reveal a lot about himself.

Lex Loser and Ethan check treemail together, and Lex Loser drones, "You've got mail!" thus confirming his connection to Satan's earthly corporate holding company: AOL. As they retrieve a book, Ethan says, "Ooh, a diary," but it's really one of those little pamphlets that is supposed to have a slightly varied illustration on each page, so that when you quickly flip through it, the pictures create a movie. Except in this case, they've missed the entire point by using words instead of pictures so when quickly flipped through nothing happens at all except illegibility. A single word is written on each page, and it's very annoying that Lex Loser must turn the page between each utterance. For once, being annoying is not his fault. The clue is as follows: "You think you know them and that they know you/ It's time to find out if that's really true/ For the winner, a prize that takes you away/ But that's just the beginning of an unforgettable day." Lex Loser suggests that the challenge is happening so early in the day because the reward trip will occur immediately afterward. Lex Loser is the only one who bothers thinking about the challenge at all, since he's the only one who ever wins any.

The S6 arrive at the challenge site and perch on foldout chairs in front of a wooden hut containing a television set. Peachy comments that, after a month away, the members of the S6 must be missing their loves ones at least "a little bit." He says nothing about their loved ones missing them. He smugly announces that he's personally called up their families and asked them to send greetings. He also points out that the videos might help the S6 get to know their tribemates better. The S6 are alternatively crying (Kimp) and laughing (Tom) at Peachy's revelation of the forthcoming videos.

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