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Heffalumps and Wildebeests

Now we're at the challenge and we're clueless, and I don't mean that in a figurative way. It's not that we don't have a clue, but that they don't get a clue -- we've been spared the challenge treemail poem. Pots, with the names of the S6 on them, are suspended from strings. We get a stupid quick visual of a pot breaking that probably cost $50,000 to film and edit. Peachy tells us that today's challenge is different than those of the past: the winner will claim victory by eliminating the others. There are eighteen hanging pots, three for each of the S6. Peachy says, "As long as you have a pot hanging, you're still in the game. When the pots are gone, so are you." He points out brown sticks, which are traditional African weapons called "ringas," and says, "A skilled warrior can crack a skull with one of these." In the background, a couple of Masai tribe members skulk by; then Charles or Isaac throws a ringa, and the pot shatters.

The game begins, and there are lots of misses as the members of the S6 attempt to get the hang of it. Tom nails a Teresa pot, and she whines, "That hurts." There are more misses, and then Tom gets a Kimp pot, as well. Kimp looks pissed off and says, "I'm not talking to you." Tom next gets the third pot of the game -- a Lex Loser -- and Lex Loser sounds shocked as he says, "You hit me, Tom!" One stick gets stuck in a pot. It was funnier than it sounds. Kimj proves her total lack of worth by taking out one of her own pots. She tries to say that the pot didn't actually fall, but the camera shows that it is shattered on the ground, so I'm not sure what she's talking about. Peachy happily proclaims it "dead." Ethan takes out another Kimp and earnestly says, "Sorry, Kimmy," but she's not having that apology either and answers, "Whatever." Next, Ethan and Tom simultaneously each take out Teresa's remaining two pots, so she's out of the game. Then Lex Loser follows by taking out a Kimp pot, so she's out, too. Man, this is harsh on the Samburus. As he rotates in front of one of Tom's pots, Ethan jokes that Tom is going down, but Lex Loser knocks out an Ethan pot instead, and nearly knocks himself out while doing so. Kimj gets one of Tom's, and Tom gets one of Ethan's, leaving Ethan with one remaining pot while the others each have two. Lex Loser takes out a Kimj pot; Ethan takes out a Lex Loser pot; and then Tom takes Ethan out of the game. Ethan jokingly stomps around and pretends to kick Tom. Tom makes grunting noises and gestures like he's humping something. Tom gets another Kimj, but this time it does hang on; she calls Tom a rat for hitting it anyway. And finally, an immunity-free Lex Loser! Tom takes him out, so Lex Loser is remanded to the loser bench. It's cute that when a player gets knocked out of the game, the others all move over to accommodate him instead of just making him sit on the other side. It's also a little strange. It's down to one Kimj pot and two Tom pots. They both get a hit at the same time, but Tom is the victor because he still has one pot remaining. Tom shakes hands with Kimj; then he gets more comfortable and hugs her; then gets even more comfortable and pats her butt. He tells Peachy that every dog has his day, and every dog gets its own immunity dog collar, as well. Peachy brings Big Tom down a notch by saying of the immunity dog collar, "Let's see if this'll fit around your neck." Lex Loser tells Peachy to watch "Buster the Boil" as he puts the necklace on Tom. People seem happy for Tom. Maybe I'm just happy for him -- I don't really care if they're happy or not.

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