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Heffalumps and Wildebeests

Peachy suddenly wants to play word association games with the members of Mofo Maji. He'll ask a question, and they'll say the first word that comes to mind. Peachy asks what comes up when they think of home; Ethan says "couch." Teresa misses her children. Kimj misses the "ability to be totally relaxed," Lex Loser misses his family, and Kimp misses her mom. Tom very earnestly misses a "cheeseburger." Peachy points out that "with the exception of Big Tom," their answers were all about family. For the record, Ethan's answer wasn't about family, either. In any case, Peachy wants to know if their families will be proud of them. Kimp says she's never even camped before, so she knows they will be proud that she lasted thirty-three days. Peachy wants to know if Tom is proud of himself. Tom snickers and shoots an embarrassed sideways glance at Lex Loser as he says, "Maybe me and Lex Loser had a moment or two that I might cringe a little. I don't remember that much about it." From what I've heard of the Survivor Insider, he and Lex Loser had quite an evening -- an evening that would have, in fact, sent chills down Ethan's spine -- but I have no idea why they left out what would have been very entertaining footage. I won't hold my breath for it to show up in any of the "specials," though. Other than his drunken escapade, Tom has no regrets. Teresa says she wouldn't have built such a strong alliance at the beginning of the game because it caused a lot of "friction," and Kimj thinks she played the game the way she "run[s] her life." Ethan likes the way he's been playing; he's had a lot of fun and he's been doing well, but he knows that could change at any moment. Peachy points out that Lex Loser has had immunity for a while and wants to know how Lex Loser feels, being vulnerable now. Lex Loser concedes that he might be a target, and says he knows from receiving prior votes what it's like to "almost be taking that walk of shame." He thinks that's what the game is about, though, and says he'll try to get through it.

We don't see who Lex Loser votes for, but he says that this is the part of the game he hates: voting off someone he really cares about. He's "really stoked" that whoever it is made it this far. Teresa votes for Lex Loser and says he's a strong competitor and she's "still crazy about [him], though." The S6 all look very serious as they vote, and we don't see or hear what anyone else has to say.

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