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Heffalumps and Wildebeests

Peachy returns with the vote urn and reads the results. The first two votes are for Lex Loser, and if this is supposed to create suspense, it fails miserably. Actually, it gets me every time, but in retrospect I know it shouldn't. The remainder of the votes are for Kimp. She smiles prettily; clearly, she knew this was inevitable. Lex Loser and Teresa both look disconcerted. Teresa winks at her, and Kimp waves goodbye. She has a very fashionable sack in which to carry out her belongings.

Next week, an elephant shits in Mofo Maji's bathing pond. Lex Loser talks some more about throat-cutting.

Kimp tells us that Survivor was a "heck of a game," and that she can't describe it in detail. She says she gained courage and "inner strength"; if she'd said "inner poise," it would have been very Bridget Jones-esque of her. She's thankful for having had the opportunity, and she hopes it changed her for the good. Then she heads off to sign her Playboy contract immediately.

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