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Heffalumps and Wildebeests

Tom then excitedly tells us that he saw two solitary wildebeests (except he says "widebeests"), and that he thought it was strange because they were not with their pack. He says that if he were a lion, he'd take out the little one. He tells us that no sooner had he made that comment than a lion appeared. We see the lion chase the wildebeest for a bit. Tom says that he thought the lion had gotten tired, and then "here popped another one up!" He says, "That lion had ran that wildebeest into the other one!" We follow a series of near misses as the lion chases the poor wildebeest (or as the crewman in the lion costume chases the crewman in the wildebeest costume), but in the end, the strong survives, and the wildebeest suffers "death by asphyxiation" as very eagerly proclaimed by Lex Loser. He philosophizes, "Where there were two wildebeests, there's now one." Lex Loser, Tom, and the balloon driver agree that witnessing the kill was "a treat" and "fantastic" and "rare." They then high-five each other. Tom tells us in a confessional that his mind has been "a pretty little old tight thing" and hasn't much been "expanded" in his lifetime, but that Africa has given him exposure. He thought he'd done a lot at the age of forty-five but he found out he hadn't done "diddly." The trip has showed him that there's more to life "than just what's over around the corner at the house." Lex Loser tells us that returning to camp will be miserable, and that he's feeling sick about it. He says that since he plans to be the "last man standing," he needs to get back on his game.

At Mofo Maji, Kimj is instructing the others in a card game. Teresa and Ethan wave at the plane as it rumbles overhead; then Ethan tells us in a confessional that they were just pretending to be really excited. Really, he says, they were hoping the others wouldn't return "bundles of energy," because they were on completely different wavelengths. He says that he, Kimp, Kimj, and Teresa were struggling, depressed, and "hoping [they] could go to sleep." Kimj tells us that Tom and Lex Loser "very subtly and slowly" explained their adventures in the Masai Mara, which sounded wonderful to her. Lex Loser announces, "I know how rich people vacation in Africa now," which doesn't seem so much like the non-boastful approach he had planned. We then see Tom enthusiastically describing the zigzagging of the soon-to-be-no-more wildebeest. Teresa tells us that it was neat to hear about their adventures, but that her mind is going in different directions. She says that now she's not "boggling" herself down so much about strategy anymore, but instead is just "holdin' out to see what happens with the immunity challenge."

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